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Valentine Countdown Blitz – Day 12



See Me for Me by Teya Peck



coverOne wrong step changes Jocelyn’s Prima Ballerina’s life in one step…

A single choice results in Jeremiah facing unbearable consequences…

When these two meet, it could be catastrophic or the answer to unspoken prayers.

Can love be tested too far? Will hearts soften and hurts be forgiven?

Or will too much loss be too devastating to find hope?

One thing is for sure, lives are about to change forever…

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Coming to a stop sign, Jeremiah glanced quickly left, then right, and stepped on the gas as he glanced at his sister. Strangely, she began to glow brighter. A fleeting thought came to him of why she might be illuminated. Emily started to turn her head right, and as she turned everything slowed down. Silence fill the space, not even the radio made a sound. He saw her eyes wide with fear and her mouth open as if in screaming, but no words. He felt his eyebrows crease together a second before he heard Emily scream, “Jer!” Then a deafening crunch, as he slammed against his door, and as his head careened toward the window. Metal twisting metal, and the shattering of glass could be heard. Just before his head smashed against the window knocking him out.



AuthorHer most recent accomplishment started in the summer of 2015. Making her dad’s dream come true with publishing his works as well, as an emotional accomplishment. She is the 2016 local A.N.W.A. chapter (Snake River Writers) president, won NaNoWriMo and loves StoryMakers.

Teya has been writing for as long as she can remember. At a young age she lived on a street she affectionately named Hill Street Blues, which helped her creative writing. Her Family moved to Menan where she continued her love of writing. Her father would always be and will continue to be her inspiration, even after his untimely death in 2006.

She loves sitting in her soft chair next to the fireplace and watching out a big living room window. It gives her plenty of creative juice for stories.

She met the love of her life in the loft of a barn. Yep, that set up some teasing from her father. They have been happily married since 2003. They have four children and all are loving and supportive of her writing.  Her oldest daughter is following in her footsteps as a writer adding her own illustrations. She refuses to comment on the trolls in the closets and under the beds. She is active in her church, has compassion for others, and a love for all life brings.

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Valentine Countdown Blitz – Day 11



The Secret of a Kiss by Kimberley Montpetit



A makeup artist for the Phantom of the Opera with a tragic past.
A mysterious man hiding a scar worse than the phantom from the Broadway show.

SecretsOfKiss_LRGLinden Adair is a talented makeup artist on the New York Broadway show, Phantom of the Opera, creating the hideous scar for the actor who plays the phantom every night. But nobody knows the deep scars Linden carries after the divorce from her husband, Mark Denly—the famous director of Phantom.

Why didn’t somebody ever tell her that marrying your director was a bad idea, especially when he has a wandering eye?

Desperate to get away after enduring several years of heartache and scars, Linden takes a cross-country trip to visit her best friend in Seattle. While driving on a deserted stretch of highway late at night, she hits a deer and crashes the rental car into a gully outside of Snow Valley, Montana.

A devastatingly handsome stranger with a tow truck rescues Linden and her smashed vehicle, but when she catches sight of him in the light, she’s shocked. Anton Baldwin possess a terrible scar on his face—just like the phantom she created every night for the theater.

But Anton is hiding more than the truth behind his scar, and during a whirlwind week while being recruited for a television show being filmed in Snow Valley, the secrets of this enigmatic man turn her world upside down.

When Anton helps Linden open up to the world around her, Linden wonders if the small town of Snow Valley might hold the magic she needs to heal the scars on her broken heart.

If you like sweet romance and second chance love stories, then you’ll love The Secret of a Kiss, A Snow Valley Romance.



      Her heart hammered in her throat when Mark’s face stared at her through the window. “What the heck—” she spluttered, pressing the power button to roll the window down. “What are you doing here? I thought stalking me ended a year ago.”

      “I never stalked you, Linden,” her ex-husband said with a roll of his eyes.

      “You sure seemed to show up at my favorite restaurants often. Or my front door with divorce papers.”

      “Because you wouldn’t sign them.”

      “Because you wouldn’t give me what I wanted after sleeping with your new dancer. When you have an affair and leave the marriage, you lose buddy.”

      Linden shivered at how hateful he looked. This was the man she had loved for ten years, worked every day with at the theater, and finally married. They’d suffered through infertility together, finally being blessed with their beloved daughter, only to lose her to SIDS at eleven months old.

      “Can’t you see I’m busy, Mark? Like in a car ready to drive off? Maybe I should have run you off the road,” she said sarcastically.

      “Ha. Ha.” Mark’s tone dripped with rancor. “I saw your letter asking for a leave of absence from the theater. You never gave it to me.”

      “I gave it to the office manager. I didn’t have to show it to you and get your permission.”

      “You did if you want to have a job when you get back from wherever you’re headed to. Secret lover of your own, Linden?”

      His comment was so infuriating that Linden bit down so hard she tasted blood. “First off, I would never have a secret lover. That’s reserved for cheating husbands. Second, I don’t have to explain myself to you. We have no relationship any longer, Mr. Denly. Third, vacation time is in my contract. Vacation hours I haven’t used in years. Fourth, it’s none of your business what I do in my personal life. And fifth, why in the world do you even care? Go back to your girlfriend and bugger off!”

      “I do care,” Mark said, his voice softening. A sure sign that he was going to bully her about something. “You haven’t been well the past year. I worry that you’re going to get yourself into trouble.”

      Linden stared at him, aghast. “Like drive off a cliff? Why is everyone suddenly terrified that my trip is a way to off myself.”

      “Have you had any counseling about Abigail or the divorce?”

      “That’s none of your business, Mark. Stay out of my life.”

      “I know I did you wrong, and I guess I wanted to apologize. We were both hurting over our Abby-girl.”

      That was the first apology she had ever received from her husband and the words shocked Linden. Then she shook her head, lest he was just messing with her heart again.

      “While I was home crying, you were running into another woman’s arms. On the earthquake richter scale of selfishness, you hit an eleven. Is that why you’re here? To bully me into coming back to Phantom? Interesting that I’m suddenly so needed.”

      “Okay, I admit it. You’re one of the top makeup artists in town. So yes, I need you. We’re in our last month of performances and you should have told me I needed to find someone to replace you. You should have waited until this run was done in December.”

      “September has better driving weather. I’m avoiding snow chains in the mountains. And, I do believe your office manager hired a makeup temp for the next month. You really should talk to Gloria more often,” Linden added. “Or pay attention to your backstage crew instead of your half-talented Christine understudy.”

      “That’s a low blow, even for you, Linden.”

      “She interfered in my marriage and took my husband from me and you want me to give her sympathy? And just to clarify this entire conversation: I get to take a vacation without having to run over the director on Second Avenue.”

      He straightened, hands on his hips, suit coat over one arm. Looking very much like an ordinary businessman instead of a Broadway director.

      Linden gave a small laugh. “I do believe you’re going to miss me, Mr. Denly, but you can’t bring yourself to admit it.”

      He bent over, hands braced against the doorjamb. “Hey, Lindy,” he said quietly. “Do you mind getting out of the car for a minute? It feels weird talking to you through the window like this.”

      Linden gazed at him, and then opened the car door, standing on the edge of the broken sidewalk. “Is that better?”

      “You’re coming back, aren’t you, Linden?”

Linden tried to figure out where this was going. “You mean from my vacation? Why is everyone so worried about me not coming back to New York?”

      “Because you’ve had a rough couple of years. We both have.”

      “You seem to have gotten over it pretty quickly. Looong before the divorce papers were drawn up.”

      A pensive look crossed his face. “We had a child together, I’ll never forget that. And I did love you, Lindy. Part of me still does.”

      Before she knew it, Mark scooped her up in his arms, bending softly to kiss her on the lips. Linden was so shocked she froze, but his lips were warm and gentle, and the smell of his familiar cologne engulfed her as much as his arms did.

      She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. Oh, how she’d missed him. Missed his romantic kisses. Missed having her husband in her life. Missed the comfort he used to give.

      Ten seconds later, she pushed against his chest, tottering on her feet. “No, no, no, don’t you dare do this to me, Mark Denly! It’s too late. There’s no going back.”

      “But Lindy—”

She cut him off, shaking her head, emotion welling up in her throat. “You made your choices. All you want to do now is possess me. I’m leaving. Now goodbye!”

      With shaking legs, she clambered back into the driver’s seat, while Mark slipped his hand along her arm as if to stop her.

      “We used to be good, Lindy, didn’t we? There’s still something between us. I can feel it.”

      “I am not going to answer that,” she whispered, her voice shaking now. If it weren’t for Julie literally back at the theater, waiting in the wings, waiting for Mark at the apartment they now shared, she might not have stopped Mark’s kisses.

      But after that kiss, Linden had to reclaim some of her self-esteem.

      She hit the button to roll up the window, put the car into gear, and pressed her foot on the gas pedal, shooting toward the green light at the next intersection.


authorWhen she was in Paris, Kimberley Montpetit spent most of her souvenir money at the La Patisserie shops with their beautiful and delicious pastries. She grew up in the fabulous city of San Francisco, loves all things chocolate, and now lives in a small town along the Rio Grande with her engineer husband and three sons.

She once stayed in the haunted tower room at Borthwick Castle in Scotland and didn’t sleep a wink, sailed the Seine in Paris, rode a camel in the ancient world wonder of Petra, shopped the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, and spent the night in an old Communist hotel in Bulgaria.

Kimberley also writes Award-winning Middle-Grade novels with Scholastic and Young Adult novels with Harpercollins under the name, Kimberley Griffiths Little.


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Valentine Countdown Blitz – Day 10



Spy by Night by Jordan McCollum



SpyNight_CVR_MED“After watching her parents’ marriage crash and burn, CIA operative Talia Reynolds doesn’t believe in “happily ever afters.” Besides, her job entails eighty-hour weeks, juggling a dozen covers and disguises, and tracking down a dangerous Russian spy ring. She hardly has time for romantic entanglements, even if she could let her guard down enough to get close to anyone. But all the rules she lives by could be broken when she meets aerospace engineer Danny Fluker.

Danny moved to Canada for a great job — and a chance to start over after a bad breakup. Dating definitely isn’t in his plans . . . until beautiful and enigmatic Talia throws a perfect storm right in his flight path. When he catches a glimpse of the real woman behind her façade, he has to get to know her better.

Talia has to find a Russian spymaster before he figures out she’s not who she claims, and failing to keep her two lives separate in the process could mean the death of more than just her budding relationship. Danny has to decide if a future with Talia — and facing the past — is worth the risk of getting hurt again. If they can break through the barriers keeping them apart (and avoid a major international catastrophe), they just might have a chance at being happy together.”

Amazon ~ B&N ~ Kobo ~ Website ~ iTunes ~ Smashwords ~



What would I like to have happen next? Duh, I want him to kiss me, but I want more than that. I want to date him without worrying, without my baggage, without pressure. I just want to be in that moment, kiss him, love him, be with him, not worrying about all the moments to come. I want to close my eyes for his kiss and never have to open them again.

I want the impossible.



1201 JSW Jordan McCollum 258bAn award-winning author, Jordan McCollum can’t resist a story where good defeats evil and true love conquers all. She writes stories about love, lies, secrets and sometimes spies, and she helps writers craft their fiction to make their stories and their prose more engaging.

All four of the novels in her Spy Another Day series were named finalists in the Whitney Awards, a juried prize. Spy by Night is a prequel to the other novels in the series.

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Valentine Countdown Blitz – Day 9



Seeing Red by Alison Clifford



Seeing Red - Front Cover-Web Version V2Redhead Nell, a civilian psychologist with the US Navy, takes her dream job at a submarine base to escape a protective family and build a life of her own. Meeting James, the handsome skipper of the submarine Scottsdale, is a bonus she hadn’t expected.

When Nell is attacked after a body is pulled from the local river, two investigations swing into motion, with no obvious link between them. The killer plots to keep the cases separate and conceal the damning secrets from his past that would lead to a connection, and his demise.

As his attempts to complete the cover-up fail, his frustration and rage turn toward the person who stands in his way.

The redhead shrink.



James climbed up through the sail of Scottsdale, emerging into daylight. The salty air filled his lungs as he looked towards the looming shoreline. For the first time in a long while, the regret at the end of a voyage in his beloved boat was alleviated by what he knew was waiting for him on shore.

Nell. Her green eyes and flaming hair had haunted him during those quiet times spent in his stateroom. Her smile had greeted him from the photo he had stuck to the wall next to his pillow, warming his heart every time he looked at it. For the first time in his life he had a love that rivalled his passion for the Navy.



ACliffordAlison is the author of the White Rose series and the New London books, and is a member of the Australian Crime Writers Association.

She has served in both the Australian Army Reserve and the Royal Australian Air Force, and now lives in Tasmania with her family.

Alison is a self-confessed stationery junkie, loves forests, and drinks too much tea. 

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Valentine Countdown Blitz – Day 8



The Tea Shop by Bernadette Marie



coverSeeing the future is a curse that Abigail Weston has carried her entire life. Knowing how and when someone will be hurt, or the whereabouts of missing people, haunts her enough to move away from the town that no longer trusts her.

When real estate developer Carson Stone meets the intuitive Abigail, he can’t help but feel the connection to her and wonder if love at first sight is possible, especially since they share a passion for old buildings. She believes they all should remain, while he builds new ones in their place.

No matter Abigail’s feelings for Carson, knowing that their future is to be together does not ensure them a happily ever after, especially if she can’t figure out what the other side is trying to show her–because in her visions Carson’s future is dark and cold.

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Things would come in dreams, and sometimes, they were just dreams. But when someone touched her, she would sometimes see things so vividly, as she had with Mrs. Winters. She’d been told once, by a psychic her mother had taken her to, that if the person who touched her was open-minded, Abigail would see everything. Someone who was closed off to the world wouldn’t let her see.

From then on, she’d tried never to touch too many people.

Close friends and family knew that if Abigail warned you about something, you took heed, especially after their grandmother’s death.

She knew when relationships weren’t going to work out. Or even when a customer was going to walk in the door and cause her day to go badly. It wasn’t ideal, but she could deal with it.

The reason she’d moved to Golden and opened the small tea house with her cousin was to get out of the small town she’d grown up in. Her gift had become a nuisance and there were a few times she feared for her own safety.

Since she’d moved, she hadn’t had as many premonitions. That in itself was a gift as far as she was concerned. But once in a while, they still happened, just as they had today.

She didn’t want to know that the woman she’d served today was going to become ill after her birthday. Her time was limited. Mrs. Winters would succumb to Alzheimers, and she was already becoming forgetful. It broke her heart into a million pieces, because she’d found she very much enjoyed the woman. Perhaps the blessing would be if the woman never came back into the store, and neither did the man. But then that was a problem too. He was part of that premonition.

“So did you get some vibe on the old woman?” Clare asked as she turned to seal the container she’d made the egg salad in.

“Yeah. She’s going to become very ill this next year. She probably won’t make it through the spring.”

“That sucks,” Clare let out a deflated breath. “I’d be wigging out too if I knew that was going to happen to someone. Even if they’re old.”

Abigail nodded as she set the tea pot on the shelf. “There was already some sadness that loomed between them. They had a history.”

“Grandmother. Grandson.”

“Maybe. I guess I’ll find out.” Abigail sat on the stool that Clare used by the prep table.

“Why do you say that?”

Abigail felt her face flush with heat and her heart began to beat a rapid rhythm in her chest. She wiped her damp palms on her apron before she looked up to see Clare’s concerned face.

“Because that was the man I’m going to marry.”



Berndette Marie photo copyrighted300dpiBestselling Author Bernadette Marie is known for building families readers want to be part of. Her series The Keller Family has graced bestseller charts since its release in 2011. Since then she has authored and published over thirty books.

The married mother of five sons promises romances with a Happily Ever After always…and says she can write it because she lives it.

 ~ Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~
~ Pinterest ~ YouTube5 Prince Publishing ~ 


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Valentine Countdown Blitz – Day 7



Gifted by the Moon by Lillith Black



Gifted_by_the_Moon_cover_Lillith_BlackHe was born to love her, but will she allow herself to be loved?

Amaris comes from a poor broken family where she was never loved. On the night of her 19th birthday, she meets Gustavo, handsome, eloquent, wealthy. When he tells her that he is destined to love her, she rejects the idea, but the mysterious sparks that fly every time they touch, stop her in her tracks.

Gustavo reveals to Amaris that they both belong to an ancient order of the Moon, and he is born to be only with her, to love and protect her. When she falls violently sick, and only Gustavo knows how to save her, they are forced to travel across the world where Amaris discovers her true self and wakes up the powers that could start a war between two feuding ancient clans.

When the fight breaks out, and Gustavo and others are kidnapped, Amaris has to accept who she is and step into her power to save the ones she loves.



Amaris flung the door open and threw herself into Gustavo’s arms. “Oh my god, you are here! I missed you so much…” she mumbled into his shirt.

She heard him gasp, and he embraced her hard, desperately. “I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to see you,” he murmured, his voice warm and husky.

They stood there for a moment, until he noticed, “You are trembling… god, you are soaking wet and cold!”

He picked her off the ground and carried her into the room, swinging the door closed with his foot. “You know, I can walk,” she murmured into his shoulder.

“I know, but I really wanted to do that,” he grinned, his eyes searching hers.



Lillith_BlackLillith Black lives in Southern California, where she enjoys sun and warm weather and writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

She loves a good book; her favorite genres are paranormal romance, sci-fi and fairy tales. Her favorite shows include Doctor Who, Stranger Things and X-files. Her favorite book hero is Sherlock Holmes and, when she travels, she spends her evenings in the hotel room binging on Forensic Science.

She is currently working on a vampire romance Love Me or Bite Me.

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Valentine Countdown Blitz – Day 6



When Sparks Fly by Ines Bautista-Yao



WHEN SPARKS FLY high res coverTwenty-four-year-old photographer’s apprentice Regina has always felt like the plain, dull orange next to the shiny red apple that is her best friend Lana. But then she meets Ben—the first guy to ever break Lana’s heart, and the first guy to ever make Regina feel that he only has eyes for her.

As Regina finds herself falling hard for Ben, she also finds herself breaking all the rules of best-friendship. Will she give up the love of her life for Lana, or will she finally realize that she deserves her share of the spotlight, too?




Chapter 1

Regina Salvador wasn’t too sure what she was doing at El Tomador on a work night. She had to be up and on location early the next morning, which was going to be in, oh, maybe three hours—the Philippine sun did have a habit of rising before six a.m. But she had promised her best friend Lana Lucero she’d be there to support her. To support her as she drank three boys under the table in a freaking drinking contest. Which just so happened to take place in a dark bar, hidden along one of the shadier streets of Makati, reeking of smoke and blasting grunge. What was this? A throwback to their college days?

Through narrowed eyes, she watched Lana chug down another tumbler of beer, the frothy amber liquid dribbling down the sides of her mouth, running down her neck, and soaking through the neckline of her white tank top, probably staining it forever. Why her friend thought she had to do these things, she would never know. When Lana triumphantly held the tumbler up and turned it face down to the whoops and cheers of the thickening crowd, Regina felt someone jostle her arm, causing her to lose her balance.

“Watch it!” she snapped, feeling the beginnings of a tirade gathering in the middle of her chest, just waiting to be released. She was tired and worried about Lana. She didn’t want to acknowledge it, but she thought she knew why her best friend was there. Regina didn’t even want to admit it to herself because that would mean her best friend had it really bad, but at the back of her mind, there was a nagging voice whining for attention, chanting one name: Ben. Ben. Ben. Ben Marquez who didn’t call her back after turning her world upside down and making her believe that she was the one—the one who was going to change him, the one who was going to make him forget about all the other girls in his life, the one he was finally going to settle down with—at their ripe old age of twenty-four. Right.

Regina had no idea who this Ben Marquez was. She had been out of town on another shoot when it apparently had all taken place. She was training to be a photographer under Paulo Javellana, one of the most sought-after lensmen in Manila. When she had gotten back from a beach shoot in Boracay, a gorgeous island of powdery white sand and clear blue water that was gaining popularity, Lana was already in tears. She had fallen in love, she said. She had finally found him. The one. The guy she was going to give up her wild, carefree days and take up an apron and a spatula for. Regina was sure Lana didn’t even know what a spatula was.

Lana had met him at this very bar, El Tomador, where their college friends hung out every Wednesday night after work. He was someone’s friend from high school and had wanted a change of scene. They’d had a drinking contest and he’d won. Lana was smitten. No one had ever beaten her before. That was all it took. She was his. But a few days later (“Days? How can you know you’ve found forever in a few days?” Regina was incensed. Her irresponsible best friend had always been flighty but this was the worst she’d seen her), he was gone. Not a call, not a text message, not an email. She actually began stalking him, driving by his apartment and dropping by places she thought she’d find him in. This was one of those places. And when Regina heard what she was planning to do, she insisted on coming along. No way was Lana going to make an utter fool of herself without backup, without someone to take her home at the very least.



Ines Bautista-Yao Author PhotoInes Bautista-Yao is the author of One Crazy Summer, What’s in your Heart, Only A Kiss, When Sparks Fly, All That Glitters, and Someday With You. She has also written several short stories. Among them are “Plain Vanilla,” “A Captured Dream,” one of the four short stories in Sola Musica: Love Notes from a Festival, “Things I’ll Never Say,” part of the Summit Books anthology Coming of Age, and “Before the Sun Rises,” part of the Ateneo University Press anthology Friend Zones.

She is the former editor-in-chief of Candy and K-Zone magazines and a former high school and college English and Literature teacher. She is also a wife and mom who lives in the Philippines with her husband and two little girls. Her books are available digitally on Amazon and Buqo.ph.

Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Amazon ~



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