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Sunday Shelfies – Shelf Two

Time for my second post in my mini-series of Sunday Shelfies. Today it’s the turn of the shelf beneath last weeks‘.

Shelf 2

The books on this shelf sit behind a couple of my cats, and once again the majority of them are signed. The exceptions are Treaters by CJ Rutherford and Blind Date by Debbie Ioanna.

The books are shelved alphabetically by author – Adam Dreece to Heleen Kist.
I have read some of the books on this shelf, but many are still on my to-read list.




Adam Dreece booksAdam Dreece is the author of The Yellow Hoods series, a world where steampunk and fairy tale meet, and which I loved. I have only ecopies of The Yellow Hoods books, however, the paperbacks I own and have also read are:




Adrian Baldwin booksOf the two books by Adrian Baldwin, I have only read one, Barnacle Brat which is an intriguing and captivating, surreal story – unless you have a fear of clowns, luckily I don’t. Stanley McCloud Must Die! is sitting on my, ever growing, to-read list



I won the four signed paperbacks by Alice White, but I’m sorry to say I haven’t got round to reading any of them yet… I will! The covers for The Blue Door series have been revamped since my win.

Alice White books

  • The Blue Door
  • Beyond The Blue Door
  • Return To The Blue Door
  • Twisted Labyrinth



Wolf MoonI have read many books by C.D Gorri. Including the first five in the Grazi Kelly series, of which Wolf Moon is the first. I’ve also read some of the Macconwood Pack, Angela Tanner and Falk Clan series’.



Sun StealersI have read Sun Stealers by C.J. Bridgeman, which I won in a Goodreads Giveaway.

Sun Stealers is the second book in The Spellweaver Chronicles.



TreatersThe next book on the shelf is the awesome Treaters by C.J. Rutherford. Treaters is the first book in The Divine Conflict series, and I am waiting -ever so patiently- for the second book to be released. My copy of Treaters is not signed, but I hope that, at some time in the not too distant future, CJ, and his imaginary dragon, Claude, will pop across to England from their home in Ireland.



StarburstStarburst, the first book of The Women of The Grey series by Carol James Marshall, is another of those books on my shelf that I still haven’t read.



Travel GlassesTravel Glasses is the first book in The Call to Search Everywhen series by Chess Desalls. I’ve read and enjoyed this and the second book, Insight Kindling.
Book three, Time for the Lost, is on my to-read list.



I’m sorry to say that the rest of the books on this shelf help to make up my ridiculously long to-read list.I will get round to them all… one day!

Many of them were bought at Indie Lit Fest in Bradford and are also new-to-me authors.

Carved Wooden HeartThe exception to this is Carved Wooden Heart. Although this book is as yet unread, I have read and enjoyed a few books by Elizabeth Horton-Newton, including Riddle and View From the Sixth Floor

  • The Devil You Know by Claire Marta
  • Abberton House by Debbie Ioanna
  • Blind Date by Debbie Ioanna
  • The Healing Paths of Fife by Diana Jackson
  • The Church of Freyr by Duncan Thompson
  • Within the Dark Places by Duncan Thompson
  • Where the Darkness Hides by Duncan Thompson
  • Aeon Infinitum by E. Rachael Hardcastle
  • Tragic Silence by E.C. Hibbs
  • The Libelle Papers by E.C. Hibbs
  • Sepia and Silver by E.C. Hibbs
  • Grave Misconception by Felicity Snowden
  • When Dead Men Won’t Lie by Felicity Snowden
  • Immortalis by G M Sherwin
  • In Servitude by Heleen Kist




Sunday Shelfies – Shelf One

Welcome to my mini-series of Sunday Shelfies.

Today I bring you the top shelf from one of my bookcases.

On this shelf, sitting behind my little rock climber and a stone from the top of Snowdon, are thirty-three books from seven of my favourite authors (the shelf isn’t long enough to fit all my faves). I met these authors at the Indie Lit Fest in Bradford in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Not only are they great writers, but they are also wonderful people.

Most of the books on this shelf are signed by the authors and are amongst my most treasured possessions. Hopefully, the three that aren’t will be, the next time I meet up with their respective authors!


Chris Turnbull

Starting at the left the first six books are by Chris Turnbull, three of which I have read, the other three are working their way up my to-read list.


Dawn SinghI loved all four of D.M. Singh’s books and am eagerly waiting for the third book in the Regina series, Demons from the Ashes. Which Dawn assured me would be out by Christmas!




Joe KiplingI enjoyed both books in The Union Trilogy by Joe Kipling and hopefully, I’ll be able to read the third before too long. The first time I met Joe, I bought Blinded by the light and was so nervous that I forgot to ask her to sign it.



K.S. MarsdenMy shelf is missing a couple of K.S. Marsden’s books. I have Winter Trials and Awaken on my kindle, but I need the paperbacks too. Kelly is a fantastic author and I love her books.


Maria GibbsMaria Gibbs’ short stories were a pleasure to read, and I am now reading this brilliant author and lovely lady’s series, Children from the Streets.



Rose EnglishRose English is a fun and friendly lady, and a fabulous author. Her books are always delightful and entertaining.

I know I’ve read Rainbows & Roses and Young Ebenezer, but I can’t find my reviews anywhere online, so watch for those reviews coming soon.


T.G. CampbellI recently started reading the Bow Street Society series and although I have only read the first book, I immediately added T.G. Campbell to my ‘Favourite Author’ list. The second book in the series is on my to-read list for this month. Tahnee is a fascinating lady and her passion for history shows, both in her books and when talking to her.


In putting this post together I’ve noticed that my reviews are all over the place. I think I will have to address this situation as soon as I can find the time and figure out the best way to do it!

UK Indie Lit Fest 2019

UK Indie Lit Fest

I had an awesome time yesterday at the Lit Fest despite getting soaked by the rain. I left home just after 7:30 am and arrived back at 11:00 pm, with two bags of books and swag.

DawnI sat in on a couple of book readings. The first by Dawn Singh, who read from Dead Normal, and gave us a sneak preview of the third book in the Regina series, Demons from the Ashes which she promised me will be out by Christmas! The other reading was by Joshua Sutton from his latest book Saints of the Mother, the follow up to Cameraman.

I also attended the talk given by T.G. Campbell, author of the Bow Street Society books, on The Pitfalls of Making a Book Trailer’. Although I’m not an author and will never need a book trailer, I found it fascinating. I had never thought about how much time, effort and cost goes into book trailers.

In the international hub, J.S. Burke chatted about her Dragon Dreamer book series, two of which are published and there are at least two more on the way. Unfortunately, CJ Rutherford‘s time in the hub was cut short due to sound issues… he couldn’t hear us and we struggled to hear him.


There was a terrific performance by the Tombe Dance Company who did an interpretation of Alice in Wonderland.  It was a shortened version of their original presentation, due to the white rabbit getting sick, and they roped in some of the authors to help out!



I met some new-to-me authors, chatted to some old friends and authors and made some new friends.

I have 18 more signed books to add to my shelves (once I’ve moved and unpacked) and picked up some wonderful swag and info. I also received a wonderful goodie bag from the organisers, which included Xander’s Heart (The Vampires of Whitby Book One) by Scarlett Flame.



My Book Haul:

Maria Gibbs gave me book 3 of Children from the Streets, The Other Side of the Streets,
which I’d won at an event on facebook, and as I’ve only read the first book of the series, A boy from the Streets, I picked up book 2, Sins of the Father, as well.


I have most of Rose English (Su S’ari) books so treated myself to her latest publication, Lost Love In Spring


I love K.S. Marsden‘s writing and although I have read James and Sophie on my Kindle I needed the paperbacks too.


I won a copy of The Case of the Curious Client (Bow Street Society, #1)
by T.G. Campbell at last years Lit Fest and enjoyed it so I snagged the next two in the series, The Case of the Lonesome Lushington and The Case of The Spectral Shot.


I added three books from Chris TurnbullThe Vintage Coat, Carousel and The Planting of the Penny Hedge to complete my collection by this brilliant author.


I also picked up the only book written by Joshua Sutton that I didn’t have before, Saints of the Mother.


By new-to-me authors I bought:

Iniquity (Ascent #1) by Melody Winter


Bonds (Bonds Series Book 1) by Marie Anne Cope


Aeon Infinitum: Run For Your Life by E. Rachael Hardcastle


…and three books by Duncan Thompson, The Church of Freyr, Within the Dark Places and Where the Darkness Hides.


Thank you to all the authors who took part in the event. It was great, but nerve-wracking, to meet you all!

I’d like to congratulate the directors, Dawn Singh, Chris Turnbull, Su S’ari and Joe Kipling; Dawns other half and right-hand man, Peter Singh, and the #indiearmy for organising this wonderful event and keeping it running smoothly.


And last but definitely not least… Thanks to Su and Maria for the wonderful meal with wonderful company after the event. xx

UK Indie Lit Fest 2019

UK Indie Lit Fest

Today is The Fourth Annual UK Indie Lit Fest, held at Kala Sangam, St Peter’s House, 1 Forster Square, Bradford BD1 4TY, UK. Doors open at 10:00am and close at 5:00pm


Entry is free and with more than 30 authors attending, there’s something for everyone… signed books, readings, workshops, a performance from the Tombe Indie Dance company and more. So if you’re in the area come and join in, chat with the authors and maybe buy a book, or two!


UK Indie Lit Fest 2019

27 Jul, 10:00 – 17:00

Kala Sangam, St Peter’s House, 1 Forster Square, Bradford BD1 4TY, UK

The Fourth Annual UK Indie Lit Fest is just over two weeks away.

Bringing together over 30 authors from across the United Kingdom, there are attending authors selling signed copies of their books, live readings, workshops, Q&A panels, and publishing houses in attendance, plus much more…

The UK Indie Lit Fest 2019 is a FREE family day out with much to offer.


Have you grabbed your FREE ticket yet? I have!

Find out more and keep up to date with all the announcements:

WebsiteFacebookTwitter • Instagram

In November, 2018 the UK Indie Lit Fest was named as one of the
Top 5 Literary Festivals in the UK.


Although I missed the first one in 2016, this year will be my 3rd visit to the UK Indie Lit Fest and I hope to visit many more times. I have met some great authors and made some wonderful friends.

I have shelves filled with signed copies of awesome books I’ve bought at the event. I’ve even read some of them, although I still have some catching up to do!

In the previous years, I had a better budget and could buy pretty much anything that caught my eye. However, this year I will have to be more careful, so I have a list of books that I need, and hopefully, I’ll still be able to buy a few extras.

I am always nervous when I arrive at the event, but everyone is so welcoming that my anxiety drops to a manageable level, and I can enjoy myself. Last year my granddaughter came with me and that helped.

Good news, for (a few) authors.

Ramblings from a Writer's Mind

01We live in an ever-changing world, one where change is happening at ever increasing speed.

The truth of the old adage which says, “If you stand still long enough you’ll end up going backwards” has never been so evident.

This competitive hunger for transformation is affecting all areas of the publishing world, from the major players like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, to Random House, Harper Collins and Hachette Livre.


It is no surprise then, this onslaught of rapid change is influencing and shaping the future of the indie author and writer markets in ways never seen before.

The warning is, most writers are, stuck in their ways.

Too many indie authors have become comfortable and clearly reliant on the way they have been publishing, promoting and marketing their books over the past years. Free book giveaways, quickfire sales, time-limited discounts, paying for a service to give their…

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Hauntingly Good Reads Giveaway

The Hauntingly Good Reads Giveaway is over and the winners have been drawn.

Keep an eye on your email inbox for the next few days as I, my fellow bloggers, and the awesome authors send out our emails to the winners of the prizes.

60 prizes – 60 winners


One lucky Grand Prize Winner will be receiving $84


Watch this space as the Winter Wonderland of Reading Christmas Giveaway will be starting soon!