About Me

11954594_10153232614328822_304995381959423622_nHi, I’m Rainne, a 50+, Mum and Grandma.

I get a lot of pleasure from being creative, whether I’m drawing,  painting, card making, knitting, sewing, or doing any other ‘artistic’ activity. I like trying new crafts, although not always successfully!

I like baking, but I do have disasters and most of my decorated cakes should probably be on Cake Wrecks.

I’m an avid reader of supernatural, paranormal, mystery/thriller and horror books, and enjoy watching a good film or series of the same genres.

I also enjoy listening to a variety of music from Aerosmith to ZZ Top.

And I adore David Bowie!!

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Rainne, it’s my belief that readers/reviewers should also get to shine in the spotlight too. Without readers, writers would have no-one to appreciate all the long, lonely hours spent producing their book. I aim to have a guest reviewer page on my website, and I’d really like you to be in the spotlight there. All you’d have to do is send me a picture of yourself and write a little about who you are and why you like to read and review books. You could also add your favourite authors if you like, and whether or not you read indie books. Contact me at cparkesc55@gmail.com . If you’d rather not take part, I understand.

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  3. So I see there are at least a few loves we share. Cardmaking: yes. Drawing: yes. Knitting, sewing: yes. Baking: yes. Reading: yes and writing: absolutely. Feel free to review my books as well if you like, although more romance than mystery they include some of that as well.

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