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Don’t throw out the baby! Why #Amazon doesn’t want your #BookReviews

Barb Taub

An open letter to Amazon:

Dear Amazon,

I should be your Holy Grail. I’m the real deal, an actual reader who goes through books carefully, thinks about what they mean and how they’re written, and then writes a considered, thoughtful, and hopefully helpful analysis—in other words, I’m a book reviewer.

Writers, potential customers, publishers, and oh yes—you, Amazon—should be jumping for joy and giving thanks that I’ve taken hours to read and yet more hours to craft reviews for hundreds of books. Instead, Amazon, you’ve decided to punish reviewers like me.

In the name of discouraging “fake” reviews, your new policy requires reviewers like me to spend $50 on Amazon’s US site and even more, £40 on Amazon UK before I can share my review. Have you thought about other solutions, or the effect this will have on legitimate reviewers?

Amazon has figured out how to conduct millions of legitimate…

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Buzz Promotions

via Buzz Promotions

Three Days of Promotion

How are you at promoting your books?
Not good? No time?
-I can help-

Promoting your book is not an easy task and sometimes its hard to know where. I’ve been an Indie author since 2014 and know how difficult it is. The biggest problem was cashflow.

I can give you three days of my attention and offer you the following . . .


Support needed for this baby whose mum has cancer


This is a post requesting help but its not asking for a donation for a random stranger with no returns. This is an author asking you to buy his book in order that the proceeds go to fund the cancer treatment that his friend needs.

I’ve bought my copy, hope you do too. Let us see if we as a community can ensure this little baby gets to keep him mum.


This post has been taken from a group I’m in on Facebook by Mark Dawson

Emma Johns is the wife of my son’s godfather and has been battling with breast cancer for five years. In the middle of her gruelling treatment she found out that she was pregnant (the chemotherapy was supposed to make her infertile but, to her surprise, it didn’t).

And then, in December, she gave birth to her own little miracle: baby Phoenix.

Emma’s condition is worsening…

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New Novel For Women: Cracks In The Glass

Lynette's Blog

Cracks in the Glass Actual Book Cover

It’s a big deal and a risky business when you decide to switch genres, especially when you’ve become a successful author of fantasy. Still, I don’t wish to be seen as a one-trick-pony and my creative side has been banging its fists inside my head for a while, trying to release new and exciting ideas.  I’ve a whole treasure trove of characters, plots and storylines stored away inside my head, just waiting to be let loose amongst you, and I think Cracks in the Glass is the perfect starter.

I believe creativity should never be shackled, and because of this, I strongly feel that no author should be stuck inside a box, their writing-wings clipped.  Sure, most readers like an author because of the stories they tell, but sometimes I think it’s nice for an author to show themselves in a different light, especially when they feel compelled to do…

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Friday: The Thirteenth Question with Rainne Atkins

Originally posted on Adventures in Indie Publishing  by mdellert.
(February 5, 2016)

Rainne Atkins, a self-described ‘Army Brat,’ grandmother of six, and book reviewer, recently granted me the privilege of an interview.

MED: Rainne, thanks for joining me. Please tell me, given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?

RA: An easy one for starters. I ‘fell in love’ with David Bowie when I was 13 and have been a fan of his music ever since.

MED: I’ve always loved Bowie’s music myself. Please accept my condolences on the recent passing of David Bowie, that must have been hard for you, as it was on all of us.

Tell me, when did you last cry in front of another person? By yourself?

RA: I’m a very emotional person, so it doesn’t take much to make me cry!

The last time I cried by myself was when I read ‘Cutting through the fog‘ on Paul White’s blog.

MED: Where are you from?

RA: I currently live in a village on the outskirts of Lancaster, UK, but was born in Aldershot and from there lived in several places in England as my Dad was in the Royal Engineers.

MED: Please share a little about yourself: What are your favorite flowers? What is your education and family life like?

RA: I’ve been married to Brian for 25 years, I have 3 children all of whom have flown the nest and I’ve been blessed with 4 grandsons and 2 grand-daughters, ranging in age from 1 month to 12 years.

I don’t work because I suffer from anxiety and depression and also because Brian has a number of health problems and I need to be there for him.

MED: Please tell us, what are the Top 5 books you read in 2015?

RA: This is a hard one!! How on earth do I choose only 5 ?!?!

  • The Exiled – Scott Borgman
  • …Before You Leap – Les Lynam
  • Kissing Demons – Jen Winters
  • Souls of the Never – C.J. Rutherford
  • Storm Portal – Michael R. Stern

There are so many more I could add to this list though!

MED: And please, what are the Top 5 books you want to read in the New Year (2016)?

RA: I have a to-read list that will see me well into the New Year, and I’m always adding to it.

From that list the 5 I am most looking forward to reading are:

  • Travel Glasses – Chess Desalls
  • The Distant Sound of Violence – Jason Greensides
  • Miriam’s Hex – Paul White
  • Scroll – DB Nielson
  • Continuation & Infinity – Scott Borgman

Yes I know I cheated on the last one 🙂

MED: Oh, you’re a crafty one. But I’ll let you get away with cheating just this one time. 😉 How long they have been reviewing or blogging? What inspired you to review your first (or latest) book / write your first blog?

RA: I started blogging in May this year, full of great ideas of what I was going to blog about, though when it came to it I dried up and had only managed a couple of posts when I stumbled on the #IndieRoar Challenge.

I didn’t know what an Indie Author was up until then, and the only reviews I left were a couple of lines for books I’d won on Goodreads.

After ‘talking’ to some of the Indie Authors I realised how important it was for readers to post reviews of their books, so I started leaving them for every book I read. I think the reviews I post now are more detailed and much better than my earlier ones.

MED: What book are you reading now?

RA: This changes from day to day, but at this moment in time I have two books on the go. On my kindle I’m reading a book from my ‘to-review’ list – The Betrayal of Ka by Shea R Oliver.

I’m also reading a paperback copy of Too Dark for Television by Patrick Elliot.

MED: As a book reviewer, do you have any advice for writers?

RA: Gosh, not really! I think writers are awesome, I couldn’t write a book if my life depended on it.

I guess if anything I would say,

“Keep writing, don’t give up… and please check your spelling ;)”

MED: How long have you been a member of Author Promo Co-Op / #IndieBooksBeSeen?

RA: I’ve been a member of IBBS for 6 months and APC for 5 months

MED: What do you like most about being a member of Author Promo Co-Op / #IndieBooksBeSeen?

RA: They are both friendly groups, and everyone has made me feel very welcome, like we are all part of one big family.

I love how everyone helps each other with all aspects of writing, publishing & promoting.

MED: What is your most treasured memory?

RA: My most treasured memory would be delivering my Grandson on the floor of my living room. 🙂 It was wonderful, although somewhat scary and is something I’ll never forget.

MED: How can we follow your book reviews? (links to blog, twitter, facebook, amazon author, and other pages)

RA: Reviews on:

Reviews of books I’ve read each month on:

Other links:

Rainne, thanks so much for taking the time to share a little about your life and your love of books with us. The Indie Author movement is grateful for your reviews and your unflagging support. Best of luck to you, Brian, and your wonderful brood of kids and grandkids!


New Release of Lu Whitley’s BloodLoss

The Dichotomous Author

Hello, fellow book lovers!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you in on some exciting news. Today, Lu Whitley’s BloodLoss is available! This novella is a prequel to the Fraktioneer Series. For those of you who read BloodMarked, this is a must read!



Join your favorite Book Boyfriends, Jaromir Ragnarsson & the ever-wonderful Stein, nearly 400 years before the events of BloodMarked (The Fraktioneers #1) in this all new prequel novella! Cursed to live in the shadows, Jaromir Ragnarsson wanders the world, searching for a sign. What he finds wasn’t exactly what he had in mind. Nearly four hundred-fifty years after a fateful meeting with a Wyrd woman changes his life, Jaromir is no longer alone. His adoptive son is the light of his long life, and he believes he will do anything to keep him safe. When that belief is tested, will he have the…

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Organizing Chaos And Other Misadventures


Heckled released late last night, a bit earlier than I had expected. But we got the cover design perfected, and then the editing went fast, and then Amazon went fast, and so, here we have it.

I am beyond excited.

This book means a lot to me, and I wanted to give you a little bit of insight as to how the idea for Heckled got started.

When the world lost Robin Williams, I cried. That week and the weeks shortly after, we saw a lot of things in the news and on social media referencing the end of the life of a man many of us had grown up knowing as Mork. There was such an outpouring of love and understanding by so many people.

There was also quite an outpouring of…something else.

Something mean-spirited and ugly. People who chose to view those who spend each day fighting mental…

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