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Electric Eclectic Books

Electric Eclectic (EE) is a new way to introduce you to new authors.

All EE novelettes are priced at £1/€1/$1 and are quick reads (6k-20k words).

Visit the website: Read more about the novelettes and the authors.
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Electric Eclectic currently has six authors and 14 titles. It’s a great way to find your ‘next favourite book’ and ‘new authors’ to follow.


The Books:

Please add some (or all) of these titles to your to-read list on Goodreads and let everyone know about these books.

by Rush Leaming

April Showers
April Showers
by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Chantilly Lace
Chantilly Lace
by Ian Welch

Dark at the Top of the Stairs
Dark at the Top of the Stairs
by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Distant Time
Distant Time
by Karen J Mossman

Mechanical Mike
Mechanical Mike
by Paul White

Miriam's Hex
Miriam’s Hex
by Paul White

North to Maynard
North to Maynard
by Paul White

Old Habits
Old Habits
by Elizabeth Horton-Newton

One Christmas
One Christmas
by Karen J Mossman

Operation Debt Recovery
Operation Debt Recovery
by Ian Welch

Seed Money
Seed Money
by Neil Douglas Newton

The Chaconne
The Chaconne
by Neil Douglas Newton

Three Floors Up
Three Floors Up
by Paul White

The Authors:

Paul White

Paul WhiteI live in God’s county, otherwise known as Yorkshire, England.

I am actually a southern boy who slowly migrated northwards during his life, married a Yorkshire ‘lass’ and ended up staying.

I have been living in the ‘North’ for about thirty years now; in another thirty I should no longer be classed as a newcomer.

Whatever story I write about, I like to weave emotions, passions, sensitivities, perceptions and empathies into my writings. I feel adding the human element captures the heart and soul of those reading and inexorably draws people into my fictional worlds, so, the instant they look up from the page it takes a few moments of realisation before ‘the real world’ comes flooding back.

I am loving Electric Eclectic books because it gives me the opportunity to share some of my greatest novelette stories with you.

So far, I have three Electric Eclectic Novelettes, each one tells a story from a different genre.


Ian Welch

Ian WelchLike most authors I write what I like to read. I blame Wilbur Smith for igniting the passion in me. After being introduced to one of his novels after many years of being ‘too busy to read a novel’ a strange thought entered my brain. ‘Could I write like that?”

I’d like to think my writing is like a good vintage of wine. Every year that ticks over my masterpieces, like the wine, get exponentially better. I’m just hoping I reach perfection before father-time taps me on the shoulder.

Writing about yourself is always hard. I’m a KIWI, after travelling extensively, I’ve come to the conclusion I’m blessed to live in NZ. Brilliant scenery, little crime by world standards (the police don’t carry guns), and a laid-back small population.

I flirted with studying criminal law and accountancy before the lure of the land claimed me. I farmed for many years, owned several city-based businesses, moved to the idyllic Bay of Islands and started writing. And a little fishing.

When I think about my writing credentials my mind immediately moves to a book writing by Sir Bob Jones, a local with an outspoken persona. A bit like an early Donald Trump. Bob’s book was titled ‘The Achievements of the Fourth Labour Government.’ It consisted of 250 blank pages.

My writing resume is slightly better, I dabbled with writing small articles for a local newspaper, my job description was ‘reporter.’ I now have 6 published novels and a few bubbling away in a vast melting pot. I love writing, I’m addicted, it’s my drug of choice. And an occasional bottle of wine.


Neil Douglas Newton

Neil Douglas NewtonBorn and raised in Bayside, New York, Neil Douglas Newton was telling stories almost as soon as he could talk. Along with his love of music, he developed a talent for writing prose and song lyrics.

A computer programmer by day he indulges his love of writing and making music at night and on weekends.

The Chaconne was born from his love of Bach as well as a homage to his late mother who was a classically trained coloratura. Binding these together, he created a ghost story with a twist.

In Seed Money , as with many of his works, Neil draws on his New York experience to create a tantalizing tale of good guys versus a bad girl.

His first book, The Railroad contains scenes that parallel his own experiences on 9/11 in the subway in New York.

Neil is a transplanted New Yorker who currently resides in East Tennessee with his wife, writer Elizabeth Horton-Newton, in a 100-year old haunted house.


Elizabeth Horton-Newton

Elizabeth Horton-NewtonWhen I was seven years old my father gave me his copy of The Complete Edgar Allan Poe and The Complete Sherlock Holmes. I fell in love. I made up my mind when I grew up I would write horror and mystery books.

Then I hit puberty and decided I needed to toss a bit of romance into the pot. This was possibly a result of my sneaking peeks at my mother’s romances and rather naughty Victorian books, as well as Daphne du Maurier and Harold Robbins novels.

I write in every genre, but particularly enjoy stories with a solid suspenseful plot and characters that step off the page.

Most of the reviews of my writing have complimented my character development. In fact, I have been asked if they are based on real people. Let’s just say, maybe… I live in a hundred-year-old house with my husband, writer Neil Douglas Newton, and my pet familiar, Scout, with frequent visits from our four grown children, six grandchildren, and great-grandson.

Many of my story ideas come to me as I indulge my biggest extravagance, world travel. Next to traveling, my second hobby is photography.

I enjoy penning novels and short stories. Electric Eclectic provides the perfect “vehicle” to share my novelettes, longer than shorts and shorter than longs. These economical and quick reads give readers the opportunity to discover new authors.

What can be better than a short book that doesn’t break the pocketbook?


Karen J Mossman

Karen J MossmanI’ve always had an active imagination and it needed an outlet. So as a child I’d make up stories to tell my siblings.

As I teenager, I wrote pages and pages of words that made no sense to anyone but me. Eventually, a spark of imagination was all it took for them to become fully formed

These days I’m a multi-genre author and writing for Electric Eclectic will enable me to explore a good mix of stories.

My first book under EE is a family drama at Christmas and my second is a Science Fiction story where the heroine travels back in time. I had such fun writing this one.

Look out for a diverse collection of stories from me in the future.

A few years ago I moved to an island with the most beautiful of landscapes, both sea, beaches and countryside. Long walks taking in the views releases my muse, and my imagination will know no bounds. One day I’ll write a story just for you, set on this mysterious island.

I love words and on my website, you’ll discover a magical world.


Rush Leaming

Rush LeamingRush Leaming has lived in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Zaire, Thailand, Spain, Greece, England and Kenya.

He currently lives in South Carolina.

Rush has done many things including spending 15+ years in film/video production working on such projects as The Lord of the Rings films.

He was also an Adjunct Professor at the University of South Carolina.

Rush’s first novel, Don’t Go, Ramanya, a literary thriller set in Thailand, was published in the Fall of 2016 and reached number one on Amazon.

His next novel entitled The Whole of the Moon, set in the Congo at the end of the Cold War will be published May 2018

Some of Rush’s short stories have appeared in Notations, 67 Press, Lightwave and 5k Fiction.


 Electric Eclectic – Guest post by Paul White, founder of Electric Eclectic.


Electric Eclectic Books




How many of us have doubts when thinking about reading a new author or new genre?


Is the book any good?


Is the author any good?



Let me introduce you to Electric Eclectic – EE for short.

EE offers you the opportunity to read a short work (6k-20k words) by an author you may not know or of a genre you may not have previously considered ‘something you liked’.

EE novelettes are written by various authors under the EE brand as introductory, sample works and undergo stringent assessment, ensuring the storytelling is of high quality, dismissing concerns generally associated with low cost or free eBooks.

Just 1.00 (dollar/pound/euro) for each novelette, allows you to ‘get to know’ the EE authors styles and narrative type before committing to purchase their full-length books and novels.

I’ll let Paul White, the founder of Electric Eclectic tell you more:

To quote that wonderful philosopher, Whinny the Pooh, “The beginning is a very good place to start”.

For me, it all started was when I was looking for a great book to read.

I finished reading the last book by my favourite author. It would be another year, maybe two before his next book became available.

This meant I needed to search for another book to read. I was even willing to stray from my usual genre to find an excellent read.

Something easier said than done.

You would think, with over 45 million books on Amazon alone, finding a story to enjoy, a book you can immerse yourself in totally, would be a pretty easy thing.

But no, it is not.

Finding and selecting a book which looks like it will meet your criteria is not a simple affaire, not if you want to make a certain as possible you will enjoy reading it.

You could, of course look through the thousands of free books on offer. But…. much of the time there are reasons books are offered for free, or heavily discounted by their authors… and not all those reasons are good.

There is the uncertain quality and content of many of the full priced eBooks. Anyway, do you really want to commit spending your hard-earned cash to buy something you do not enjoy reading or find they writers style is not to your taste?

It all makes choosing a ‘new to me’ author or selecting a book from a different genre a bit of a lottery.

That is when I thought there must be a better way.


That is when I had my eureka moment.

The result is Electric Eclectic Novelettes.

‘Electric’ because they are ebooks,
digital… electric.

‘Eclectic’ for the various styles, genres and authors who write them.

And ‘Novelettes’ as not to mislead readers they are anything other than short, sample books; introductory books to new authors and new genres.

Electric Eclectic books are written by some of the best indie authors in the world, each Electric Eclectic Novelette delivers wonderful and entertaining storytelling to a high standard.

People searching for their ‘next favourite read’ can rest assured in the knowledge that Electric Eclectic Novelettes have undergone a rigorous selection process, ensuring the stories meet our exacting standards.

This means you do not need to read through a bunch of ‘hookey’ or substandard books, or spend out on a random book hoping you will enjoy its content.

With each Electric Eclectic book costing just 1.00 (dollar/euro/pound), it is a small price to pay to ensure a thoroughly entertaining read and an introduction to your next ‘new’ author.

Once you have found the right style of stories, the ones you love, you will have found your next favourite author and can start to work your way through their full-length books and novels knowing you thoroughly enjoy their writing.

Say goodbye to dealing with ‘dodgy’, inferior writes.

Download a handful of Electric Eclectic Novelettes and give yourself a literary treat?

What is more, Electric Eclectic Novelettes are easy to find.

The first way is to visit the Electric Eclectic website* where all the Novelettes are shown, along with author insights and links to their personal books and pages.

The second is to go to Amazon books and type ‘Electric Eclectic books’ into the search bar. (In the USA you will need the Amazon.com Kindle search page.)

Alternatively, if you are on Amazon.co.uk you can follow this link: http://amzn.to/2BnYe7u

Email: EEbookbranding@mail.com

*The site is available to view, but not yet fully functional or edited.
Estimated date of completion Mid-January 2018)