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Wedding Cards

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I’ve made two wedding cards this month. One was for my son who got married on the 8th of August and one for my nephew who gets married next month.

Wedding Card (1)

I cut a heart from a square of white card, and 2 more hearts of the same size, giving you three hearts..
The square of card was embossed with Scruffy Little Cat – Chic Embossing Folder along with two of the hearts.
The two embossed hearts were trimmed for the overlapped front of the third heart.


The trimmed front pieces were attached to the back heart with double-sided sticky tape.
I stuck some thin lilac ribbon down the centre of some wider white ribbon and threaded this through a small pearl buckle. I wrapped the ribbon around the heart stuck the ends to the back.
I stuck some white and lilac flowers and leaves between the rear heart and the overlapped front and then stuck it at an angle on the square piece of card, slightly overlapping the aperture.

I attached more of the lilac on white ribbon to the reverse of the heart aperture and added a peel-off ‘congratulations’ to the front.

I cut and folded a piece of white card to size then layered a square of silver paper, then a layer of white card and another layer of silver paper before adding the embossed layer. I added 3 graduated stick on pearls to the bottom corner and a heart shaped stick on pearl to the ‘congratulations’ ribbon.

Wedding Card (2)


I designed and cut the front panel from a piece of white pearlised card on my scan’n’cut then pleated some white ribbon on the reverse.
I printed the greeting and names and stuck those on the reverse of the panel then added some flowers and leaves to the front.
I cut and folded a piece of white card to size then layered a square of lilac paper, then a layer of white card and another layer of lilac paper before adding the panel.



Cupcake Boxes


Late Friday afternoon, I had an urgent request for 15 cupcake boxes, from my dear, and ever so delightful daughter.
She needed them by Saturday morning for her partners party later!
As she was happy for them to be plain and simple, I said I would try to get them done.

I needed something quick and easy, so I adapted a template from a free e-book to a cutting file for my scan’n’cut. I cut all 15 boxes on the scan’n’cut in the time it would have taken me to cut one or two by hand.

I then had them all to score by hand, though, just me, a hougie board and a bone folder, which took a while!


Early Saturday morning I used double-sided tape to stick the boxes together, then I threaded some ribbon through the tops.

All done, with time to spare for me to get ready and go.

It was a great party. Smileys

Birthday Cards (2)

I made two more cards  today… a flowery card and a quick, masculine one.

Parasol with Flowers


I ran a strip of pale blue pearl card through my eBosser with the Chantilly Rose Tattered Lace Die. I had to run it through twice to get the length I wanted.
I repeated this with a strip of matt card, in a similar shade of blue.
From the same matt card, I cut 3 small rectangles, which I also cut with the same die. I cut them into triangles, leaving ‘tabs’ on two of them. I scored each one down the centre, along the tab and along the outermost scorelines, for a mountain fold ( /\ ) and half-way between the edge and the centre for a valley fold ( \/ ). Then I glued the tabs to the back of the centre triangle.


I scored and folded a piece of white card for the base of the birthday card
I cut a sheet of double-sided patterned paper from a First Edition Neroli paper pad in half, and then cut one piece in half again.

I stuck the quarter piece of patterned paper, with the darker side facing up, onto the card base with double-sided tape. Overlapping each previous piece, I stuck down the strip of die-cut matt card, followed by the die-cut pearl card, and finally the half piece of patterned paper, with the lighter side showing.

Folding the edges of the parasol back, from the outermost scorelines,  I attached it to the card with  double-sided tape.
I threaded 3 pearl beads onto a cocktail stick for the handle and stuck it to the card, along with some flowers from my stash.

Happy Birthday

scan n cut (3)

I used my scan’n’cut to cut the HAPPY BIRTH’D’AY from a piece of stripey green card, printed out a picture from Pollyanna Pickering’s Britsh Wildlife DVD-ROM and glued it behind the ‘D’. Then stuck this onto a folded piece of green card, and added 3 self-adhesive pearls to the top corner.

Popcorn Boxes

For the past couple of days, I’ve been making personalised popcorn boxes. My daughter asked me to make these for her partners birthday party.
I’ve made 25 large boxes and another 25 smaller ones.


They are really easy to make… the hardest part was getting the design right before printing.
Once they were printed I cut them out. I used my guillotine for the straight edges, along the top and sides, and scissors for the rest. I used my Hougie Board to score the folds, stuck it together with double-sided tape and tucked the bottom flaps in so they looked like this…


Template for small box, (approx 9.5cm high x 6.5cm across the top). Place double-sided tape, or glue, in the shaded areas.

The larger boxes had to be printed and cut in two pieces, as they were too big for a piece of A4 card/paper.


Template for large box, (approx 16cm high x 11cm across the top). Place double-sided tape, or glue, in the shaded areas.

Hearts and Flowers

A more accurate title would be hearts and a pansy, but I didn’t think it sounded as good.null

Felt Pansy

Cut one strip of felt 2 cm x 25 cm – for the front three petals. Fold into thirds at right-angles then stitch around the edge. Pull the thread tightly, to gather the petals, and knot.


Cut a second strip 2.5 cm x 20 cm – for the back two petals. Fold in half at right-angles then stitch around the edge. Pull the thread tightly, to gather the petals, and knot.


Cut a triangle of felt 2.5 cm high and 2.5 cm across the base – for the centre. Stitch around the edge, pull the thread to gather it loosely, and knot.


Stitch the back petals to the rear of the front petals, then stitch the centre to the front. Wrap a pencil in green ribbon and fasten to the back of the pansy.


The vase was inspired by Camilla Fabbri’s Balloon Vase. I cut off the mouth of a balloon and stretch it over a small glass storage jar with the lid removed. I also poured some rice into the container to stand the pencil in and to weigh it down.




I made 3 different hearts, in various sizes, to attach to my balloons, a solid heart, a  heart-shaped frame and a lacy heart-shaped frame.  The lacy heart-shaped frame is the same as I used on my anniversary card. I cut them all on my scan’n’cut.

WordPress won’t let me add .fcm or .svg files, but these are the images I used for my hearts.

To convert to fcm, for scan’n’cut, click on the picture to open it in a new window, copy the URL and paste it here to convert to SVG. This will save to your computer, then add the SVG file to your scan’n’cut canvas.

To cut by hand, with craft knife or scissors,  click on the picture to open it in a new window, then save to your computer.

If  you prefer you can contact me for the fcm or SVG file. Please state which file(s) and format you would like. Thank you.

Two Cards

I’ve made a couple of cards over the weekend.

An anniversary card for my husband and a father’s day card for my Dad.

Anniversary Card


For the background, I started by drawing a diagonal grid with an embossing pen on a piece of lilac card and stamping hearts where the lines crossed, then heat embossed all with fine silver embossing powder.

I designed the heart and cut two on my scan’n’cut. I snipped through one at the top so that I could link them. The cut is hidden behind the other heart.

I added two lengths of ribbon with double-sided tape, folded the ends behind the lilac card and stuck the whole thing on a piece of folded silver card.

I drew the pansy petals on parchment/vellum, coloured them with blendable pencils and cut them out.

After assembling the pansy, I added some yellow flocking powder to the centre and attached it to the ribbon with a glue dot.

The pattern for the heart is available here.


Fathers Day Card

heat embossed and scan n cutThe rushes and grasses were drawn on hammered cream card with an embossing pen and heat embossed with fine gold embossing powder, then coloured with brown and green alcohol markers.

I designed the ‘happy’, cut it on my scan’n’cut and stuck it onto the cream card. I added dragonfly and letter peel offs, coloured with brown peel-off pens, and stuck the finished panel on a folded piece of brown card.