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An Anniversary Card


The inspiration for this card came from one I saw a few years ago on John Lockwood’s blog, John Next Door.

I followed his instructions for the fold, but glued mine to a larger hand cut card blank, after tying the bow around the pleats.

A die cut swirl, some flowers, metal corners and some peel-offs completed the look.


Although I like my version, I do think the flower arrangement on John’s card is much nicer

John’s card and his instructions can be found here




Tiger Card



One of my grandsons turned 14 this month and I find making cards for teenage boys quite difficult. Well, not actually making the card, but coming up with the idea.

After much searching and debating, I settled on this tiger, which I drew, then cut out of black paper with my scan ‘n’ cut (quicker than doing it by hand).
I stuck some white paper behind the eye cutouts and pink behind the nose, then stuck it on some orange paper and trimmed the edges. the whole thing was glued to some folded white card and a coloured happy birthday peel-off added, plus a couple of green jewels for the eyes.

Easy Easter Card

A simple card to make, and all you need is some patterned card, ribbon, double-sided tape, kitchen roll, and a piece of plain card folded in half to stick everything on.
Cut out an egg shape from the centre of the patterned card, then using the egg as a template cut out several layers of kitchen roll. Stick the layers of kitchen roll to the centre of the folded card.

Stick double-sided tape around the kitchen roll, and stick pieces of ribbon over, from one side to the other.
Once all the kitchen roll is covered use more double-sided tape to stick the patterned card over the top. so that the ribbon shows through the aperture. Add a greeting if you like.

All the materials used to make this card were from my stash.


Christmas Card

Another quick and easy card I made this year is this one…


This card was heat embossed on parchment paper, with some peel-offs, glitter and pearls.

Using a clear embossing pen trace the pattern onto a piece of parchment. Cover with white embossing powder, turn the parchment over and tap the back to remove the excess powder.
Using a heat gun, apply the heat to the back of the parchment, directly below one area of powder until it changes then move your heat gun to the next area and so on, until all the powder has changed.
Cut around the edge of the pattern.

Cut a square of white paper the same size as the centre square of the parchment pattern and stick it onto the centre of a square of shiny card.
Stick the parchment onto the card, making sure the white square lines up with the pattern, then stick the whole thing onto a piece of folded white card.

Add a peel-off greeting, a star to the top of the tree and some presents, adding some glitter to the ribbon areas (if needed).
Stick some flat backed pearls on the tree and a larger pearl in each corner.


Mum And Baby Owl – Plushie & Card

There was a new addition to my family this month, my 4th grandson (my eldest daughter’s third son) was born.
My daughter loves birds and volunteers at Greenmount Wild bird Hospital, so I decided to make my newest grandson a Mum owl plushie, complete with her own baby owl and an owl congratulations card for the proud family.

I have also added the instructions for the plushie to Cut Out and Keep.



To make the mum owl:

Using the pattern cut out all the felt pieces for the mummy owl.
Cut a length of elastic equal to the width of the owls body.
Cut a length of ribbon equal to the width of the pocket.
Sew the elastic to the top edge of the pocket on the back – you will need to stretch the elastic slightly to fit.
Sew the ribbon to the top edge of the pocket on the front.
Sew the inner eye to the centre of the outer eye then sew the eyelid on top of them both.
Stitch the two beak pieces together along two edges and stuff.
Sew the eyes, beak and pocket onto the front body.
With right sides facing, sew two wing pieces together then turn the right way out and oversew the opening.
Repeat with the other two wing pieces.
With right sides facing, sew two foot pieces together then turn the right way out, stuff lightly and oversew the opening.
Repeat with the other two foot pieces.
With right sides facing, sew the back and front body pieces together then turn the right way out, stuff and oversew the opening.
Attach the feet to the bottom of the body and the wings to either side just above the pocket

To make the baby owl:

Using the pattern cut out all the felt pieces for the baby owl.
Sew the inner eye to the bottom-centre of the outer eye then stitch into place on the front body.
Sew the beak onto the front body between the eyes.
Sew the two body pieces together along one edge.
Sew a line of stitches along top and bottom of the body.
Sew the two body pieces together along the other edge.
Pull the thread along the top edge to gather up and secure.

Either stuff then gather up and secure the bottom edge….


Fill a plastic container (the inner from a kinder egg is ideal) with rice, beads, barley or other small bits to make the rattle. Ensure that the container is securely sealed.
Wrap the container with toy stuffing, insert into the body then gather up and secure the bottom edge.

Sew the feet to the bottom of the owl and stitch the wings to each side of the body.
And you’re done!


mumowl babyowl



To make the mum owl:

Using the pattern cut out all the pieces from card for the mummy owl.
1 each head, face, body and beak, and two each of eyes, wings and feet.
With embroidery thread sew the V shapes on the body.
Stick the face on the head then the eyes and beak on the face.
Stick the feet behind the body, the wings on the body and then the head on the body
Add two black stick-on pearls for the centre of the eyes, and some black lines for the eyelashes

To make the baby owl:

Reduce the size of the pattern, then repeat all the steps above (apart from the eyelashes for a baby boy).

The doily was cut from white card using a cardowlWe R Memory Keepers Mini 8 raindrop Punch, which was stuck onto a piece of card from the  First Edition Neroli Paper Pad.

The scroll was cut from the same card as the owls head and stuck across the doily, the owls were stuck on next, overlapping the scroll slightly. Peel-off letters were used for the congratulations and the whole thing was stuck onto a piece of folded white card.

Wedding Cards

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I’ve made two wedding cards this month. One was for my son who got married on the 8th of August and one for my nephew who gets married next month.

Wedding Card (1)

I cut a heart from a square of white card, and 2 more hearts of the same size, giving you three hearts..
The square of card was embossed with Scruffy Little Cat – Chic Embossing Folder along with two of the hearts.
The two embossed hearts were trimmed for the overlapped front of the third heart.


The trimmed front pieces were attached to the back heart with double-sided sticky tape.
I stuck some thin lilac ribbon down the centre of some wider white ribbon and threaded this through a small pearl buckle. I wrapped the ribbon around the heart stuck the ends to the back.
I stuck some white and lilac flowers and leaves between the rear heart and the overlapped front and then stuck it at an angle on the square piece of card, slightly overlapping the aperture.

I attached more of the lilac on white ribbon to the reverse of the heart aperture and added a peel-off ‘congratulations’ to the front.

I cut and folded a piece of white card to size then layered a square of silver paper, then a layer of white card and another layer of silver paper before adding the embossed layer. I added 3 graduated stick on pearls to the bottom corner and a heart shaped stick on pearl to the ‘congratulations’ ribbon.

Wedding Card (2)


I designed and cut the front panel from a piece of white pearlised card on my scan’n’cut then pleated some white ribbon on the reverse.
I printed the greeting and names and stuck those on the reverse of the panel then added some flowers and leaves to the front.
I cut and folded a piece of white card to size then layered a square of lilac paper, then a layer of white card and another layer of lilac paper before adding the panel.


Birthday Cards (2)

I made two more cards  today… a flowery card and a quick, masculine one.

Parasol with Flowers


I ran a strip of pale blue pearl card through my eBosser with the Chantilly Rose Tattered Lace Die. I had to run it through twice to get the length I wanted.
I repeated this with a strip of matt card, in a similar shade of blue.
From the same matt card, I cut 3 small rectangles, which I also cut with the same die. I cut them into triangles, leaving ‘tabs’ on two of them. I scored each one down the centre, along the tab and along the outermost scorelines, for a mountain fold ( /\ ) and half-way between the edge and the centre for a valley fold ( \/ ). Then I glued the tabs to the back of the centre triangle.


I scored and folded a piece of white card for the base of the birthday card
I cut a sheet of double-sided patterned paper from a First Edition Neroli paper pad in half, and then cut one piece in half again.

I stuck the quarter piece of patterned paper, with the darker side facing up, onto the card base with double-sided tape. Overlapping each previous piece, I stuck down the strip of die-cut matt card, followed by the die-cut pearl card, and finally the half piece of patterned paper, with the lighter side showing.

Folding the edges of the parasol back, from the outermost scorelines,  I attached it to the card with  double-sided tape.
I threaded 3 pearl beads onto a cocktail stick for the handle and stuck it to the card, along with some flowers from my stash.

Happy Birthday

scan n cut (3)

I used my scan’n’cut to cut the HAPPY BIRTH’D’AY from a piece of stripey green card, printed out a picture from Pollyanna Pickering’s Britsh Wildlife DVD-ROM and glued it behind the ‘D’. Then stuck this onto a folded piece of green card, and added 3 self-adhesive pearls to the top corner.