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Beast Out Of Hell by Camilla Ochlan

Bound By The Summer Prince by Mistral Dawn

Dragon Lightning by J. S. Burke

First Package Causes Grief: Warren Antiques Vol. 1 by Mary Abshire

Four o’Clock Alice by Vanessa Ravel

Gulliver Station: A New Start by Connie Cockrell

Last Another Day by Baileigh Higgins

Mechaniclism: Apocalyptic Horror by Lynn Lamb

Military Against Zombies by Alathia Paris Morgan

Night’s Gift by Carol E. Leever

Slipped Away by Jessica Gomez

The Dharkling Daughter: Dhark & Destined by C.C. Dowling

The Dead Game by Susanne Leist

The Unintended by Robin Woods

Vampire Historia: a Series of Revelations – The Making of Marea by Scarlette D’Noire

Whine with Cheese by Brooke E. Wayne



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A Spring into Reading Goody Bag

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Wordless Wednesday



The Long Lost Future by Ian Cattell

The long lost future


514AC1L2u+LRandall didn’t know he had a destiny until it interrupted his lunch one day; and it was bigger than he could possibly have imagined (his destiny, not his lunch).

That’s when he met the mysterious Marcus Han – brainier than a clumsy butcher’s floor, and secretly the richest man in the world, he would be Randall’s companion and mentor through the challenges they must face in their struggle to stop the entire Galaxy from vanishing.

With a supporting cast of talking trees, mutant psychics, bungling cops, extremely refined resistance operatives, military trained birds, enlightened mushrooms, hallucinating AI units, cutlery collecting crabs, and his definitely EX-girlfriend to help him, he must travel back in time to the twenty-first century and begin again in a new, less tyrannical timeline.

If his departed dad, the World Police, the Planimals, or the ancient aliens don’t stop him first that is…



Some reviews of The Long Lost Future from Amazon.co.uk:

If you are a fan of Pratchett and Adams then look no further than this book. A wonderful array of characters from an eccentric very British submarine crew to a malevolent talking Raven with the added bonus of time travel for good measure. I loved it.

• • •

A really fun Romp through space and time. I laughed out loud in some places and started my own game of ‘get the reference’. More than a sci-fi parody, more than a nerd’s accumulation of snippets from almost every tv, radio, film and book involving space or time ever made in the history of the universe ever. A really good story and a good read.

• • •

Thoroughly enjoyed this marvellous tale. Well written, full of excitement, lots of great jokes and a big dose of proper old fashioned sci-fi. Looking forward to more.
A wonderfully eccentric take on time-travel and saving the universe. A real page turner, I enjoyed every second. First class.

• • •

Picture3Fantastic read. Both intelligent and laugh out loud funny. Great plot from beginning to end, with humorous footnotes.

• • •

If you want an adventure, sci fi, spy story with a twist? This ones for you, I laughed, felt sad, felt clever, you name it. The must read of 2017 by a fantastic new writer…..Go on give it a read, you know it makes sense!!!

• • •

Funny and intelligent laughing out loud from the beginning
He best be quick writing the sequel!

• • •

Bought this on a recommendation. So much better than I expected! Take the DNA of Adams and Pratchett, mix with a cutting cornucopia of modern issues, and add a huge dose of humour, and you not even close to how good The Long Lost Future is. Amazing and thoroughly engaging book, read it!

• • •

A thoroughly enjoyable piece of modern literature. Witty, funny and very well told, this author is one to watch out for

• • •

Really enjoyed this especially the twist in then end. Can’t wait for the sequel


Picture2About the author:

Ian Cattell is a software developer who wanted a change from staring blankly at a computer screen all day. So he decided to write a book.

Yeah, I know…

Over the next six months he learned that there are many advantages to writing a book compared to writing software, the main one being that he doesn’t have to re-write it whenever Microsoft decides it’s “time”.

Website • Twitter





Guest Post by Hollie Thubron

816EUGtF5hL._UX250_Hollie Thubron is a singer, songwriter and author from the outskirts of London and has been writing novels since she was child. It has always been her dream to be a published author and that dream has been achieved, with Insane being her debut novel.

She is fascinated by the psychology of serial killers as well as the debate about morality and so she is studying Philosophy at the University of Bristol.




Guest Post by Hollie Thubron:

 “Bringing hope to the innocent.”

When you wake up in the morning. Get dressed. Put on your coat and shoes. Go to work. Do you expect to come home, to find the police in your living room? Because you fit a profile. Because no one can confirm that you went out for a run that one night. Because they want someone to blame.

It is a common misconception that wrongful convictions are a rare and infrequent occurrence, that have only happened in the well-documented cases such as the Birmingham Six, the Guildford Four, Stephen Downing and other well-known cases.
Unfortunately, this is not the case – miscarriages of justice have simply faded from the political agenda. the system doesn’t just sometimes get it wrong, it gets it wrong every day, of every week, of every month of every year.

Not only are these peoples lives ruined whilst they are in prison for a crime they didn’t commit, but they are also permanently tarnished if and when they are finally exonerated. this is because even though they have been cleared of the crime and are declared innocent, society still judges them and looks down on them – sure they are guilty of something.

Wrongful convictions can happen for any number of reasons – the most common being inaccurate eyewitness testimonies and also false expert and forensic evidence. The Justice System seems to have their priorities set with seeking justice for the victim of a crime – however, the wrongfully convicted are victims too.

The Miscarriages of Justice Organisation, MOJO, is a unique human rights organisation dedicated to assisting innocent people, who are in prison, and following their release. Their objective is to offer advice and support to people in prisons throughout the UK who are fighting to establish their innocence.

The organisation was founded in 2001 by Paddy Joe Hill, one of six innocent men wrongfully convicted in 1975 for the Birmingham pub bombings. The Birmingham Six’s convictions were finally quashed, and they were released in March 199.

MOJO’s work falls into two categories. Supporting those in prison fighting to clear their names, and supporting those who have had their convictions quashed and are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together.

They currently support over 55 individuals, together with their family members; both in prison and in their communities, and process over 100 new inquiries a year.

Miscarriages of justice are often overlooked in favour of giving closure to the victim of the crime. But this is not justice. This is why 50p of every copy of Insane sold is being donated to MOJO, to help bring hope to the innocent.

Find more information on MOJO here:Small-MOJO-LOGO-Transparent-e1454086615417


The Book:

Insane is a psychological thriller about a serial killer. She kills because she enjoys it. You might call her insane, but who are you to judge?



One person’s crazy is another person’s reality, with so much in this world being left to interpretation, is killing really wrong? Are serial killers really insane? Anyway, who are you to judge?

The locals of Southhurst would never dare wonder the streets alone at night, since there has been a serial killer terrorizing the area for fifteen years. But Avery Blake isn’t afraid.

Avery Blake is a serial killer. She kills because she enjoys it. But how long can she go on like this, before someone catches on?

Insane is a psychological thriller addressing the different perceptions of morality and what influences them.


Scary Sunday

Seven Days of Electric Eclectic Novelettes – Day 7

Miriam's Hex


Miriam’s Hex

by Paul White

A dark tale of greed, selfishness and latent curses, laced with black humour, in a light-hearted way.
Although there could be lessons learnt from Miriam’s Hex, it is intended to be a simple, enjoyable tale of witchery and mischieve…or not.



How often do we say things like “I hope you choke” or “I wish you were dead”? We don’t really mean it (most of the time)… this story may make you think twice about wishing someone ill.

In Miriam’s Hex, we meet a nagging wife, Miriam and her henpecked husband, Peter. Both were great characters, one to be hated and the other to sympathise with.

I enjoyed this dark and fast-paced tale in which Miriam’s off-hand comments have dire consequences for Peter, but is it coincidence or is it deliberate? You decide!


Paul White:

009052_7cbc048426f64e8ea87d5d46492c9494_mv2.pngI live in God’s county, otherwise known as Yorkshire, England.

I am actually a southern boy who slowly migrated northwards during his life, married a Yorkshire ‘lass’ and ended up staying.

I have been living in the ‘North’ for about thirty years now; in another thirty I should no longer be classed as a newcomer.

Whatever story I write about, I like to weave emotions, passions, sensitivities, perceptions and empathies into my writings. I feel adding the human element captures the heart and soul of those reading and inexorably draws people into my fictional worlds, so, the instant they look up from the page it takes a few moments of realisation before ‘the real world’ comes flooding back.

I am loving Electric Eclectic books because it gives me the opportunity to share some of my greatest novelette stories with you.

Website •  Facebook • Twitter • Google+ • AmazonGoodreads


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Paul White

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Seven Days of Electric Eclectic Novelettes

Dark Words by Paul White
Miriam’s Hex by Paul White
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Supernatural Saturday

Seven Days of Electric Eclectic Novelettes – Day 6

The Chaconne


The Chaconne

by Neil Douglas Newton

The dead don’t rest easy when injustice exists. When the restless spirit of his world-famous soprano mother struggles to expose the truth of her murder, Ted must open himself to her message. Someone still living knows the answer. Can Ted find the killer and bring peace to his mother’s spirit?




Ted is being haunted by his mother who wants him to find her real killer.

This is a spooky tale from new-to-me author, Neil Douglas Newton.

It’s an interesting and compelling tale of an estranged family with an unexpected ending


Neil Douglas Newton:

3d68ce9b15a922252883f8296239507e.jpgBorn and raised in Bayside, New York, Neil Douglas Newton was telling stories almost as soon as he could talk. Along with his love of music, he developed a talent for writing prose and song lyrics.

A computer programmer by day he indulges his love of writing and making music at night and on weekends.

The Chaconne was born from his love of Bach as well as a homage to his late mother who was a classically trained coloratura. Binding these together, he created a ghost story with a twist.

In Seed Money, as with many of his works, Neil draws on his New York experience to create a tantalizing tale of good guys versus a bad girl.

His first book, The Railroad contains scenes that parallel his own experiences on 9/11 in the subway in New York.

Neil is a transplanted New Yorker who currently resides in East Tennessee with his wife, writer Elizabeth Horton-Newton, in a 100-year old haunted house.

Website •  Facebook •  AmazonGoodreads


Other Electric Eclectic Novelettes by Neil Douglas Newton:

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Seven Days of Electric Eclectic Novelettes

Family Friday

Seven Days of Electric Eclectic Novelettes – Day 5

One Christmas


One Christmas

by Karen J Mossman

“My name is Tina and I want to tell you about what happened to us one Christmas. My story is sad and funny and ultimately the happy ending we all love.”

Life is full of ups and downs and even when things are bad, there is always humour, because life is like that.




Tina is a wonderful character and easy to relate to. Her story is superbly told in this wonderful and poignant story about a family coping with tragedy. Sad, humourous, uplifting, and filled with hope.

An emotional story, about ordinary people with normal lives, that’s easy to imagine being a part of.

Karen Mossman has an amazing talent for taking ‘everyday’ situations and turning them into relatable and interesting tales that are a joy to read.


Karen J Mossman:

9c1ed96139d1d6d1d7129cafb294992dI’ve always had an active imagination and it needed an outlet. So as a child I’d make up stories to tell my siblings.

As I teenager, I wrote pages and pages of words that made no sense to anyone but me. Eventually, a spark of imagination was all it took for them to become fully formed

These days I’m a multi-genre author and writing for Electric Eclectic will enable me to explore a good mix of stories.

My first book under EE is a family drama at Christmas and my second is a Science Fiction story where the heroine travels back in time. I had such fun writing this one.

Look out for a diverse collection of stories from me in the future.

A few years ago I moved to an island with the most beautiful of landscapes, both sea, beaches and countryside. Long walks taking in the views releases my muse, and my imagination will know no bounds. One day I’ll write a story just for you, set on this mysterious island.

I love words and on my website, you’ll discover a magical world.

Follow my website at the Magic of Stories and take a break from the real world to one of escapism.

WebsiteBlogFacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest •  AmazonGoodreads


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Karen J Mossman

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Seven Days of Electric Eclectic Novelettes

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