Mayhem, Madness and Mirth

Jessica Wren and Ian Williams challenge each other with monthly themes on the blog:

Mayhem, Madness and Mirth

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August’s theme is Forgotten in Time


peaches1by Jessica Wren

After a freak tsunami devastates the East Coast, Bryce and his two closest friends must stick together to survive. A fantastical farmer’s market strengthens the trio’s bond.

Forget Me Not

forgetmenot1by Ian Williams

You are Danielle. You live in terror, forced to relive the same moment of your husband’s gruesome death over and over.

The Authors:

Jessica Wren

jessJessica is a teacher and author from Georgia. Her debut novel is Ice, a paranormal thriller about a small town under siege.

Jessica is also working on the second edition of Ice and a paranormal dystopian trilogy: The Solomon Project, The Rehoboam Sanctions, and The Abijah Coalition. This trilogy will follow three generations of men who are singled out for brutality by the iron-fisted Conference of Independent Nations (C.I.N.). Jessica cannot wait to have this trilogy in its final form.


Ian Williams

ianIan is a Science Fiction writer from the UK. His first novel, Transitory, is a murder mystery/thriller set on a distant moon, where a strange alien festival is taking place.

His next book was The Sentient Collector; a futuristic tale of technology gone too far and humanity’s overreliance on AI. It was followed by The Sentient Mimic, and then the final in the trilogy, The Sentient Corruption.




Mayhem, Madness and Mirth -Christmas Horror/Thriller
Mayhem, Madness and Mirth -Man v Nature
Mayhem, Madness and Mirth -Deadly Games
Mayhem, Madness and Mirth -They come at night
Mayhem, Madness and Mirth -Technology Gone Awry


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