UK Indie Lit Fest 2018

lit fest

My first book event ever was the second UK Indie Lit Fest in 2017. I went on my own, listened to some readings and bought a lot of books, but struggled to interact much with the authors. I had planned to attend the first one, but couldn’t get there due to family health issues.

The third annual Lit Fest took place on Saturday 28th July. This year I took my granddaughter, Shanice, who enjoys reading and we both had a fabulous day. We left home at 8am and arrived back, with our bags full of books, bookmarks and other swag, twelve hours later.


The UK Indie Lit Fest is a FREE Book Event but there was the option to download a free ticket, which acted as a raffle ticket. I couldn’t have been more shocked, and delighted, (and yes, embarrassingly, I squeaked quite loudly!) to hear my name read out as the winner. I was given a signed copy of The Case of The Curious Client by T G Campbell and the choice of any book available at the event.

After looking round for the umpteenth time, I decided, eventually, to get Shanice her own copy of K S Marsden’s The Lost Soul. I was going to lend her my copy, but she couldn’t promise not to crack the spine. 😉


From left to right Pete Singh leader of the #IndieArmy volunteers, Directors Chris Turnbull, Rose English and Joe Kipling. At the back Nick Singh representing the sponsors IngramSpark, then Shanice and me, and last but not least, Dawn Singh the main Director and the brains behind the event.


I bought Shanice two other books that she was interested in reading (The Storm Creature-Maria Gibbs & Transfixed-Bella Rose), and the wonderful author, Rose English generously gave her her own copy of the Fantasy Snowflakes Coloring Book by J. S. Burke.

Shanice's Books

Shanice and her books.


My own book haul was slighty larger than Shanices’ and included a few that I knew I was going to buy before I set off. These were:



I added a few books from a couple of authors that I’d bought books from last year:



I also bought a few other books to my bag, after chatting with the ‘new -to-me’ authors:



Although the author wasn’t at the event I also picked up, from Rose English’ table:



Thank you to all the awesome authors who took the time to put me at ease and make me feel not quite as awkward as I usually do with people.

I never take enough photos, but the following are a few videos from the day.


Fashion Statement

A poem from Rainbows and Roses, read by the author, Rose English.


Tombe Independent Dance Company

The newly formed Tombe Independent Dance Company performing a piece choreographed and written especially for the UK Indie Lit Fest based on the popular series of books, the Mortal Instruments, written by Cassandra Clare.



A 360 view of the UK Indie Lit Fest 2018



A brief tour of the UK Indie Lit Fest 2018- disturbed by Shanice.



For more info and photos from this years event, past and future events visit



4 thoughts on “UK Indie Lit Fest 2018

  1. Oh wow, Rainne, it looks like you and Shanice (cool name, BTW) had a fantastic time! And, a great haul of books and bookish things! I’m jealous! lol! I enjoyed the performance by the Tombe Independent Dance Company. Thanks for sharing!

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