Sunrise over Snowdon


Snowdon Summer Sunrise Guided Walk Information

Not only is climbing Snowdon a great challenge, but tackling it in the dark is even more impressive. It will be a fantastic morning and watching the sunrise from the summit is a breath-taking sight (as long as the weather is good, we’re keeping everything crossed!).

The walk will start at 1.00am and we ask you to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure (12.45am). The sunrise is at 4.48am allowing a 3 hour window to get to the summit. The expected finish time will be around 8am, but this will obviously depend on the speed of your group and weather conditions.

What you need to bring:

The weather in Snowdonia can rapidly change. You can be basking in the sun, dripping wet in torrential rain and freezing cold in strong winds, all within a few hours. Below is what you should wear and bring with you.

  • Head torch.

This is extremely important. Please also bring spare batteries and I would also recommend a small hand torch. There are many types and brands of head torch, and prices vary dramatically, but you can get a good one for around £30.

  • Walking boots

Good quality that are comfortable and previously broken in. Attempting a long mountain walk with brand new boots will lead to very painful feet and ankles. Ensure you’ve had a few long walks in your boots so that they are broken into adequately.

  • Walking socks

Comfortable walking socks. Thicker isn’t always better. Try socks out with your boots and get the perfect fit. If you are buying new boots from an outdoors retailer, ask for advice on socks too.

  • Waterproofs

It rains a lot in Wales!

  • Rucksack/daysack

Large enough to carry your supplies. 10-25 litres are generally a good size.
Again, with all kit, try and test it prior to the walk to ensure it’s comfortable

Other clothing:

Comfort and warmth is key. You will get colder the higher you go so plan for this.

  • Loose fitting trousers or stretchy leggings/hiking tights.
  • Loose t-shirt that will wick away sweat.
  • Mid-layer such as a fleece jacket/jumper or a softshell jacket. Also, carry an extra warm top in your bag.
  • Shell jacket and trousers (waterproofs) ideally windproof.
  • Hat and gloves (in a waterproof bag). Even in the summer the temperature can rapidly drop.

Training and fitness:

This route is not technically difficult, but the amount of walking in terms of distance and time will certainly be challenging, not to mention the hundreds of metres of ascent. Getting out in your boots a few weeks before the event is essential. You don’t need to be tackling big mountains but walking for as long as you can help condition your body. If you can add a few hills to your walks, then that’s even better. Long country walks, minimum 2-3 hours, is a good way to prepare.

Go for long weekend walks, starting off with short distances, and gradually building up the distances. Starts with 2-3 miles walks and aim to be increasing this weekly.

Also, try to focus on ‘time on your feet’. This is similar to marathon training where you don’t have to focus on distance but focus on time. Get accustomed to walking for 4-5 hours.

Hills! If you can factor in some hills, then you will quickly improve your leg strength and stamina. The more hills the better. Even if you find just one, try and walk up and down it several times. If you are a member of a gym try increasing the incline on the treadmill and walking at a brisk pace.

Two weeks before the event find a day to have a trial run in your gear. Find some hills if you can, wear all your gear, carry your pack and get comfortable walking with everything you will take with you.

My Checklist:

  • Head torch (& hand torch)   check
  • Walking boots   check
  • Walking socks   check
  • Waterproofs   check
  • Daysack   check
  • Stretchy leggings   check
  • Loose t-shirt   check
  • Fleece jacket & fleece jumper   check
  • Waterproof & windproof jacket and trousers   check
  • Hat & gloves   check

My training and fitness:

I try to get out twice a week for long walks. I do one on my own, with headphones and music, and one with my daughter, Zoe.

I always wear my walking boots (with my walking socks) to ‘break them in’, although they have been comfortable from the start. I haven’t worn the waterproofs as there hasn’t been the need, also, because I’m not tall, the trousers need taking up and I haven’t got round to it yet!

It’s not difficult to add in some hills, it would be harder to avoid them round here… I live on one. lol  Having said that, some of my longer walks have been along the canal, which is flat.

When I go out with Zoe, we always walk up to Williamson Park, which is at the top of a long hill. We add a climb up the stairs (one of these days I’ll remember to count how many stairs there are) of the Ashton Memorial, before having a rest and then making the return journey. Zoe also lives on a hill!!

Oh! Nearly forgot to say…
I stopped smoking on Monday, so hopefully, I’ll be able to walk up all these hills, at a decent pace, without gasping for breath!!



Sunrise over Snowdon


4 thoughts on “Sunrise over Snowdon

  1. Well done on the smoking! No easy feat.
    I’m lucky living on Anglesey as where ever I travel the lovely vista of the Snowden mountain range is always in my sight.
    However, I’d prefer to view it than climb it, and I admire you for trying. Good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

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