Scary Sunday

Seven Days of Electric Eclectic Novelettes – Day 7

Miriam's Hex


Miriam’s Hex

by Paul White

A dark tale of greed, selfishness and latent curses, laced with black humour, in a light-hearted way.
Although there could be lessons learnt from Miriam’s Hex, it is intended to be a simple, enjoyable tale of witchery and mischieve…or not.



How often do we say things like “I hope you choke” or “I wish you were dead”? We don’t really mean it (most of the time)… this story may make you think twice about wishing someone ill.

In Miriam’s Hex, we meet a nagging wife, Miriam and her henpecked husband, Peter. Both were great characters, one to be hated and the other to sympathise with.

I enjoyed this dark and fast-paced tale in which Miriam’s off-hand comments have dire consequences for Peter, but is it coincidence or is it deliberate? You decide!


Paul White:

009052_7cbc048426f64e8ea87d5d46492c9494_mv2.pngI live in God’s county, otherwise known as Yorkshire, England.

I am actually a southern boy who slowly migrated northwards during his life, married a Yorkshire ‘lass’ and ended up staying.

I have been living in the ‘North’ for about thirty years now; in another thirty I should no longer be classed as a newcomer.

Whatever story I write about, I like to weave emotions, passions, sensitivities, perceptions and empathies into my writings. I feel adding the human element captures the heart and soul of those reading and inexorably draws people into my fictional worlds, so, the instant they look up from the page it takes a few moments of realisation before ‘the real world’ comes flooding back.

I am loving Electric Eclectic books because it gives me the opportunity to share some of my greatest novelette stories with you.

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