Mathimals by Jon Hales



516ZpcaSs2L._SY371_BO1,204,203,200_Do you find it hard to add? Brace yourself for a slightly unusual and mildly chaotic lesson in basic addition!

What happens when you add 1 mouse + 1 sheep, for example? Or 4 caterpillars + 4 fish? You’ll find out in this hugely entertaining picture book filled with weird and wonderful creatures.

Packed with brightly coloured illustrations, clever wordplay and lots of fun details, this rhyming story is sure to capture the imaginations of young children and is designed to help simple sums stick in the mind.

Perfect for ages 2-6 but with plenty for older children and even adults to enjoy.



Are you afraid of scary snakes?

Well, my good friend, all it takes

To lose 3 snakes is to find 3 chickens.


Illustrations by Charlene Mosley


Meet The Author:

6595516Jon Hales is a British author, English literature graduate and former English teacher who learned first-hand the power of a great picture book while teaching in Taiwan, reading stories to his younger students. The capacity for a well crafted turn of phrase, captivating character or hilarious illustration to capture the imagination of its audience was fascinating to him. Jon dreamed of crafting stories that would bring joy to both children and adults, stories that could be read again and again without losing their charm.

Jon lives in London with his wife Annie. He would like to stress that no animals were harmed in the production of his debut picture book, Mathimals.



mathimals-octopogsMy Review:

An entertaining and imaginative way to make addition, and reading,  fun!

It’s a simple read, with some challenging words – like the invented creatures.

The vibrant illustrations add to the enjoyment and are sure to spark the imagination.

I’m a good deal older than the book is targeted at, but I enjoyed the unusual animal combinations. My favourites were the Octopogs!



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