Card Makes

Thanks to a snarky comment that dented, even further, my non-existent confidence a few months ago, I stopped posting my card & craft makes on my blog.
I have now got past that… it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want.

Don’t like my posts? Don’t look at them!!

These are cards I’ve made over the past few months.



The one above was for my parents anniversary

and the one below was for my Dad, on Fathers Day.




An anniversary card (above) for my hubby,

and a wedding card (below) for my brother-in-law & his new wife!




Closed ↑
A Push n Pull card for my daughter’s birthday.
Open ↓



Next up are a few parchment cards…


 …and finally

a couple of random ones!




14 thoughts on “Card Makes

  1. I hadn’t realised you did cards too, you are so talented. They really are so pretty!
    I’m so sorry that someone thought it okay to be sarcastic. It sort of reminds me how I wrote a story years ago about 9/11. It goes up and people comment on it. Someone said it was shallow and unrealistic. I was horrified, pulled it and it never saw the light of day again.

    I’m glad I did eventually pick up my pen again and I’m pleased that you have.

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  2. I always listen to criticism, but only to see where I can improve my work. Snarky critics are hard to ignore, but never to drop your work. I can be snarky too, but only to highlight when someone who is capable of doing better work didn’t make the effort.

    Your stuff is fun, by the way. If someone says you shouldn’t be making your cards, then they need to make better ones to show the way. Usually, they can’t.

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  3. I love your cards. There are always people who like to criticize. Those are the poisonous people we are warned to steer clear of. We can’t. They find us. But we can ignore them. Keep posting your pretty cards.

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