Finding Marcus Anderson by C.L. McGrath

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Title: Finding Marcus Anderson
Author: C.L. McGrath
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Editor: Jean Hall
Cover Designer: KA Ware at Bite Me Graphic Design


“Your past will always catch up with you…it’s just a matter of when.”

marcus ebook coverJust when Marcus thinks things are finally falling into place, having found his beautiful Sarah, he is finally going to get his happy ever after. Until a vision from his past jeopardises everything.

Marcus and Sarah couldn’t be happier. Arriving home from their road trip, Marcus begins having nightmares. With vivid memories from his childhood haunting his thoughts, he turns to his past in search of answers.

Marcus’s search leads him to Madison Jennings, his first love. Their affair was as secret as it was powerful. He filled her loneliness after the death of her husband. She filled his need to be safe and loved.

Sixteen years later they meet again. What effect will this have on the life he has built with Sarah?

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Author Bio:

My name is Christina McGrath. Originally from Sydney Australia, I now live surrounded in lakes and beaches on the beautiful central coast of New south wales with my husband and two young children.

As a girl, I had always dreamed of being a writer, but like most people I pushed my dreams aside for reality.

Turning 40, I guess I just thought if I don’t try, I’ll never know. Here I was telling my kids they could do anything they wanted in life. They just have to try. Time to live by my own words.

So, I sat down and started to write. To my surprise, it came very naturally.

I wanted to write strong, witty, fun…REAL women. I wanted my characters to feel like someone you could easily be friends with.

CL McGrathThe hardest question I get asked is what genre I write. The truth is…to this day, I don’t know. My books thus far are definitely romance, but, they are so much more. They are funny, heart breaking, naughty and emotional. The characters are relatable and real.

All I really know is, now I’ve started to write, like any addiction…I just can’t stop. I truly love it.

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Guest Post:

Writing a new project.

Ok, well for me, it just comes to me. I could be doing anything. Next minute an idea comes in my head. If I’m out and about or busy. I send my best friend a message and say… So, what do you think of this. She will sometimes say great idea other times she will say…get back to me when you have something down. If I’m at home or I have time. I pick up my laptop and start to write. I usually write the first page with no music, then after that. Headphones go on and I just write. I usually give myself a few days. I try to write for a few days and see where that leads me. If after a week I don’t feel it…i file it away for later. Maybe I will at another stage.

If I do feel it… I simply get on the headphones and just write.

I never plan, I never write up plots/structures. For me writing is an instinct. The story plays out in my head like a movie. I see it as I write it. Most of the time I have no idea how its going to turn out…I just write what I feel.

Probably not what they teach at school, but I don’t write for fun, I write because I feel it. I need to. It’s a deep need to get the story out and share it.

What works for me, wont work for everyone. Some people need to put an idea down on paper, they need to plan things. Which is perfect. The last thing you want is for all of your writers to be the same. 

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