The Spoils of Allsveil by S.N. McKibben

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Title: The Spoils of Allsveil
Author: S.N. McKibben
Genre: Fantasy, Romance

spoilsofallsveil_cover_final_400x600Murder. Marriage. Forgiveness. The kingdom of Allsveil is the chessboard, and the royals are the pieces.

Two noble families meet in a whirlwind of battle, conquest, hate, and passion.

When a neighboring army conquers her home, Princess Alexia is forced to marry her father’s murderer, Darrin, the new king’s young prince. While Alexia grapples with revenge and flirtation, finding her own strength in the process, the new king, Goththor, seeks forgiveness from his queen and from himself. Two generations learn that the game of chess is nothing compared to the game of love and forgiveness…

Play chess with a princess…get your copy today!

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The Author

picSlave to a 100 lbs. GSD (German Shepard) and a computer she calls “Dave”, you’ll often see her riding a 19 hand Shire nicknamed “Gunny” to the local coffee shop near the Santa Monica mountains.

Stephanie reads for the love of words, and writes fiction about Dark Hearts and Heroes revolving around social taboos. When ever asked, she’ll reply her whole life can be seen through a comic strip ~ sometimes twisted, sometimes funny but always beautiful and its title is adventure. Come play!

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Top 10

What are your top 10 favorite books/authors?

Oh! I love talking about my mentors. Okay here goes:

  1.     Jim Butcher – Dresden Files
  2.     Kim Harrison – Hallows Series
  3.     Les Edgerton
  4.     The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  5.     The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey
  6.     Kris Michaels
  7.     Patricia A. Knight
  8.     Marilyn Lakewood
  9.     Elizabeth SaFleur
  10.     Carolyn Jewel – My Immortals Series
  11.     Megan Derr

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