In the Snows of Haz by Maxine Janerka

28514647Small towns keep their secrets well, and snowy, isolated Haz Gate is no exception. But when a wealthy stranger from the capital is murdered in the night and one of her students stands accused, schoolteacher Linna Nyx has to dig through deceptions thicker than the snow in midwinter to piece together the truth, and comes face to face with a killer who would destroy not only Linna’s peaceful existence, but the very order of the Empire itself.







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The Author:

hpapvg4o_400x400Maxine Janerka is the author of In the Snows of Haz and a freelance writer. She has several articles published with the Oklahoma Daily and the Saturday Evening Post, has published one book, and is in the process of producing a ChoiceScript game.

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