Miriam’s Hex by Paul White




A dark tale of greed, selfishness and latent curses, laced with black humour, in a light hearted way!.


Miriam’s Hex is wonderful introduction to Paul White’s ‘lighter’ writing.






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The Author:

11251844_883449741691508_5006198377121304833_nI am a novelist, poet, short story and flash fiction writer, blogger, and article writer.

My fiction writing covers various genres and topics including life, love, emotions, depression, trauma, suspense, sex, romance, social and world affairs.

My writings feature the most important matter of all, the human condition; the hopes, the dreams and the wishes, the excitement and passions, along with the fears, the self-doubt, and uncertainties that lie within us all.

These issues are portrayed through the characters that inhabit the worlds within the pages of my Novels and Short Stories. They are reflected in my Poetry and various Essays in my Blogs and Social Media Posts.

As for myself….well I have a warped and varied sense of humour. I love good food, good wine and good company.

I am the founder of CQ International publishers of high quality hardback books and glossy magazines, both digital and print.

CQ International incorporates TOAD publishing & PeeJay design.

Website | Amazon | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter



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