Born in Sarajevo by Snjezana Marinkovic

18464342The term “terroir” is used to describe the flavor of the land. Although it is usually used to describe food, it grows in meaning when it is used to understand people and how they are a connected to their home. In 1992, what remained of the once diverse and peaceful Yugoslavia began to dissolve. The war that followed presented a picture that was much different than the normal depiction of good verses bad. The casualties ran deeper than the physical wounds and no one escaped unscathed. This is my story of a search for a new home and the separation from those I love… a story of being uprooted.


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The Author:

13891791_10206771701320528_6318196431134381710_nSnjezana, which translates to Snow-White in English, was born in Sarajevo, her fairy tale city, which was between the years 1992-1996 almost erased from the picture of world.

Her writing was published in numerous European publications including magazines San, Ty& Ja, Pribechy Lasky, Lasky Do Kabelky, and Divka. In 1996, she received Frintiskove Lazne Prize for Literature. Her stories and poems were read on Radio Sarajevo in Yugoslavia, Radio Brno, Radio Plzen, and CT 1 television program in the Czech Republic, and Literary Event of Brookhaven College in Farmers Branch, Texas.

Currently, she focuses on conveying encouraging ideas birthed in hope for the advancement of peace on the earth.

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