Zahara by Mara Reitsma

32592392It wasn’t easy being a female in The Void, add to that the fact that you were one of three sired by the Lord of Darkness himself, and let’s not forget about that curse of hers either… Zahara was the perfect balance of her Mother and Father, giving her the ability to respect the rules, and yet know when some of them needed to be broken. This, and her abilities to get into the minds of others, made her the perfect transporter, ferrying the dead to the Great Courts to face judgement. Not bad for a female of three hundred! Together with her sisters Madrina and Euphamia, a badass attitude named Nyx, and an Angel with a flare for sarcasm, they work hard to maintain order and balance in their The Void, Sanctuary, and everything that lay in between. But an enemy from the past is waiting on their doorstep, and that curse of hers sends her on a wild ride; one that would start and end, with a Vampire named Markus. Zahara will have to figure things out fast!



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The Author:

12332945I’ve always been told I have a wild imagination! And what better way to release some of those pent up ideas, than by adding them to paper to create a one of a kind story.

I’ve always dabbled in writing, creating intricate webs of storyline to excite my friends, though it wasn’t until recently that I was able to put them out there for others to read. I for one love reading, and will read just about anything.

Above all though, my family is my world, by blood or by marriage, or just by being there, spending time with me and mine, family means the most to me! And hey as it turns out, they all think I’m wild and crazy too!
So what started out as a way to put a few of my books, printed and published on my own shelves, has turned into something I can’t put down, and led to so many other possibilities.


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