Chicanery by Barbara Chioffi

414vl5jsfl-_uy250_What finds you in the night?

Chicanery is a collection of eight horror tales, each with a little bit of underhanded deceit and enough of the macabre to have you looking over your shoulder.

Who knows what awaits us as we go about our daily lives, unaware of what exists alongside us. In these tales, you will find a bit of betrayal, a snippet or two of terror, and a lot of comeuppance. Oh, and a good dose of helpful spirits.




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The Author:

51ptob6m2ol-_ux250_Barbara lives in Virginia with her family, eleven cats, and one noisy bird. She began reading when she was four, and her mother said the first word she spoke was ‘book’. She would carry one around, begging everyone to read to her. All were thankful when she began reading for herself.

Barbara has been writing since she was in grade school, beginning with observations of people and places around her. In high school, some of her writings were shared in the school newspaper. prompting her to consider writing as a career. Her life took a different path when she became a teacher. She retired after forty years of sharing her talents with her students, and resumed her writing. Hobbies include karaoke, cross stitch, and cat rescue.

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