Wrong Question by Edita A. Petrick

wrong-question-other-sites-300x450A newly minted intern at the prestigious New York Times has great expectations…but murder wasn’t one of them.

Bree-Ann Carver is sent to work in New York Times’ makeshift satellite office, in Idaho. Her job as an intern is to write a blog about fictional murders–and get a million subscribers. But her very first subscriber criticizes her efforts and then aggressively moves to take over her blog via his unsolicited input into her work. She invites him to unsubscribe and finds that she has no control over this particular cyber-entity. He follows her to her private chat-room, he hacks her colleagues’ email accounts and he terrorizes her through her desktop and her laptop. She knows he wants her to use his murder scenarios, but these sound like real-case murders that the police closed as accidents. If she posts even one of such dangerous scenarios, she is exposing herself to not only the real killer’s wrath, but the police who closed the case as accidental death. But each time she refuses, her cyber bully sends her a chilling one liner: There will be consequences.


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The Author:

pm9cbqv4I write because I like to create stories. The more complicated the mystery, the more I get invested in the story. I’m one of those writers who has to finish a book (writing that is) in one sitting. If I leave off at any point, the book most likely won’t get finished. I am also the type of person who can’t read anything while I’m writing any particular book. I would just get distracted by the other author’s story and that for me would be the end of my novel. I read mostly in summertime, when it’s relaxing and pleasurable. Otherwise, reading for me is on par with taking a serious college course. I analyze, I dissect and I study the characters—I do all those things that years spent in academia pressed into my life as a daily norm. I live in Ontario, with my family and our two dogs. My family respects the fact that I need time and space to write, but they neither support nor understand my need to write. That’s why creating a story and whipping it into shape of a novel is such a joyous challenge for me.


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