A Whisper in the Shadows and Where Shadows Fall by Tom Fallwell

A Whisper in the Shadows

31567511When the Ranger Baric meets the exotic and alluring woman from Vaar’da, Whisper, he agrees to assist her on what seems a simple rescue mission that soon turns into something far more complicated than he expected. Seeking the source of her recurring nightmares, they discover an artifact of unimaginable power that was likely the cause of the Great Disruption, which destroyed all of Hir, over two thousand years ago.

Their journey soon becomes a deadly and suicidal quest into the Great Divide, an area of Hir where men fear to travel, into the realm of the demonic Manenase, who live under a great volcano in the center of the Boiling Sea. Gathering a small army of Rangers, they delve deep into the bowels of the volcano, Mount Scorch, on a journey to prevent another earth-shattering disruption that could destroy their entire world.

The fate of Hir depends on the courage and skills of the heroic Rangers and their small Vaar’da companion, as they struggle to save the world from impending disaster and face their greatest challenge, and where Baric must face the destiny he foresaw in a dream, many years before.


Where Shadows Fall

31567537When the Rangers discover that a deadly and horrific dragon of unspeakable power has been loosed upon their world, they must find a way to destroy the monster before the creature of shadows burns them all into oblivion. Complicating their efforts, the discovery of a secret and hidden dragon cult that worships the monster, and a conspiracy of dark forces from the realm of shadows, threatens to destroy the peace their world has known for centuries and bring war to the people of Hir. Political and economic turmoil ensue and result in mistrust between the rulers of the lands of Hir.

Struggling to survive the deepest of betrayals, the Rangers face a dark and foreboding time, as the world of Hir changes dramatically around them. Baric faces an impossible task of entering the realm of shadows, the World Between Worlds, to stop the lethal attacks of the King of Shadows, Doomrage, and save the soul of his lost love, Whisper.

The Day of Chaos is one that will go down in the annals of history as a day that altered the political landscape of Hir forever, and the Rangers must struggle to survive in a world gone mad, as the shadows of death and destruction fall over the entire world. Friends are lost, and new friends are found, in a story of survival and determination for the Rangers of Laerean.


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The Author:

41haygjehql-_ux250_Entering into the realm of novel writer late in life, Tom Fallwell, at an age of more than sixty years, jumped into that world with both feet. Having always had a fascination with fantasy world-building, even from early in his life, Tom wanted to create his own world filled with rich history and lore. His Rangers of Laerean series does just that, painting a panoramic landscape that is both magical and deadly, in which to set the stories of his Rangers. Tom lives in the greater Oklahoma City area, in America’s homeland, and spends much of his time with online gaming and watching movies, when not writing his latest work.

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