Thank you

Brian and I would like to thank everyone for the messages, best wishes and prayers etc. over the past couple of months.

Thankfully Brian is now back at home with me, and on the long, slow road to recovery.

Brian spent 8 weeks in hospital with sepsis, pneumonia and a fungal chest infection (aspergillosis) and I came very close to losing him. He was discharged a couple of weeks ago and we are settling back into a routine. He is still being treated for the fungal infection and will be until his consultant says otherwise.

His mobility wasn’t brilliant before his stay in hospital, but having spent 8 weeks in bed he is even less mobile now. We have had to have a stair lift fitted and have bought a wheelchair so that he can get out, and get to doctors appointments, etc.

He is on oxygen 24 hours a day, so we have a noisy oxygen concentrator running all the time and he has portable oxygen cylinders for when we go out. Because of his pre-existing C.O.P.D it is likely that the infection will cause more permanent damage to his lungs and he will need some oxygen for the rest of his life.

He is happy to be home, but his mood is low as he comes to terms with everything that has happened and the changes to his life.


A couple of weeks before this, my youngest daughter, Zoe, was also admitted to a hospital, although in her case it was a psychiatric unit. She has Borderline Personality Disorder and had a ‘crisis’. She also spent 2 months away!

She was in a worse state than I have ever seen her before and I hope I never have to witness her in such distress ever again.

She is also now at home and doing better… I think.
She has also been diagnosed with an eating disorder and is not eating very much at all, which is very worrying.


All in all, it has been a difficult and worrying few months and  I would like to thank you all for your support, and understanding.
I will try to reply to all your messages individually, however please accept my thanks.. (and apologies) if I miss you.





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