Atlantis after Midnite by Lisa Kulow




13118956_10154295269729994_4639765022383347399_nThe world is being torn apart for the people of Atlantis, although this isn’t the tale you’re used to hearing. The royal family, including Crown Prince Kyrian, is unable to comprehend the destruction around them and in the midst of a plague. The solution seems to be a lovely young Lady named Yew’ll who is immune to the plague.

The Prince was immediately enraptured by her beauty and sparks fly between the Prince and Yew’ll. While King Urian is making final preparations for his people’s safety and his family, he asks Prince Kyrian to come to him in a secret room in the palace before midnite with the most important thing to him.

As the Gods fury rains down on them, the people of Atlantis must make decisions. Strange things are happening, And the room makes strange surreal. This is not your average tale of Atlantis.

Did Atlantis really disappear forever? Or did they have another place to go?




Lisa Kulow is a 44 yr old homemaker. She has been happily married to Steve for more than 30 years.

Lisa always dreamt of being a writer, a dream that has now come true!

She loves writing, reading, reviewing, blogging, and interacting with other readers, writers and anyone with a passion and interest in literature.

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