Easter Eggs, Nests & Egg Boxes.

I’ve always  wanted to try making easter eggs, so this year I decided to give it a go.  I bought some silicone egg moulds and cooking chocolate, some milk and some white!

My idea was to make personalised eggs, but I have to say that wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be! 😏

I started off by filling the raised patterns four of the larger moulds in white chocolate. Then I piped the names around the inside of two of them. Once the chocolate had set I added a layer of milk chocolate, which unfortunately resulted in the white chocolate melting slightly and the names bleeding into the milk chocolate. Not the crisp and clear look I was hoping for!

I melted the two named halves back down and tried again. This time, I popped the moulds into the freezer for a short time before repeating the attempt. Those got melted down too.

For my next attempt, I tried a much larger single initial into the mould and filled the raised patterns. This worked out much better.

So I had two egg halves with initials and two without. Yay!

Next, I managed to make four  smaller ‘marbled’ egg halves without too much trouble. Again they weren’t perfect, but not too bad.

I filled the marbled eggs with shop bought ‘mini eggs’ and stuck the two halves together, before placing them into the larger eggs and sticking those together.

So… can I make easter eggs? Yes!
Can I make good looking easter eggs? NO! But it was fun trying!

I mixed some cornflakes into the remainder of the milk choc, and lined the larger moulds with the mix, leaving it to set before adding a layer of white chocolate. I filled the nests with mini eggs and added a chick. I wrapped the nest in tissue paper tied with ribbon.


The nests looked a lot better than my homemade eggs, so I decided to ‘hide’ the eggs by making boxes for them. At least, that would be simple!

For a box, cut 2 circles from patterned card, one slightly bigger than the other, and work out the circumference (C=2πr) of each one. Add 1 cm to the smaller circumference and cut out a rectangle of patterned card to that length by the requirerolledd height plus 2cm for the body of the box. Add 1 cm to the larger circumference and cut a  rectangle of patterned card to that length by 3cm high for the lid.
Score the bigger rectangle along the short edge at 1cm, and both rectangles along the long  edge at 2cm. Then snip out triangles along the long edges (*see pattern), and  cut out an oval from the centre of the larger rectangle. Cover the oval with a piece of acetate.
Form the rectangles into tubes and stick the 1 cm flaps in place, fold up the other flaps along the long edges and stick a circle of card over them. Punch or poke a couple of holes through the centre of the lid and thread some ribbon through, and tie the ends together on the inside.

I scrunched up some tissue paper into the bottom of the box and placed the eggs inside before sticking the lids on the boxes.





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