Doublemint Gumshoe by Phillip T. Stephens


wind-eggs-headerAuthor of ‘Cigerets, Guns & Beer’, ‘Raising Hell‘ and ‘The Worst Noel‘, Phillip T. Stephens is writing a Twitter novel.

Source: Tweet a Novel? Why Not?


Is it possible to write a novel one tweet at a time? I decided to find out. When I saw a commercial that said “Some storied can’t be told in 140 characters, I realized I needed to do it now.

For more than a year I tweeted four original Tweet stories four or more nights a week. My followers grew but people were retweeting and liking the stories less. My hashtag game jokes get more retweets. From the literary crowd.

So I wondered if I should try something new, an experiment I’ve toyed with for months: a Twitter novel. As far as I know, it hasn’t been tried. I juggled the idea in the back of my brain, but never committed until I saw a commercial with a cowboy and lariat that said, “Some stories can’t be told 140 characters at a time.” I realized Twitter might actually be opening their format and the time for my experiment was now, before they ruined the game.

Detective Bob

One of my Tweet characters, Detective Bob, never solved a case. He sees a dead body face down in a bucket of hot dogs at a contest table and declares the town has a holiday killer.  He studies a corpse with “liar,” “slut” and”cheater” carved in his chest and knows the gardener did it. Over dozens of tweets he and partner, Officer Dolton, have fumbled the ball for dozens of Tweet stories. He seemed perfect.

Tweeting a Crime

How do I write a Twitter novel? It would be easy to say one tweet at a time, but there’s more to it, and I will share over the next few of posts. The tweets begin Monday 3/21 and I will update them every Saturday on the Novel in Progress page.

To be continued….


Follow Phillip on Twitter and read the complete novel so far on Novel in Progress!


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