Bowie prints for sale

At the beginning of March, I posted a picture of David Bowie, both here and on Facebook.


Following the FB post, I received a number of messages asking if I would be having prints done.
I hesitated for a while, as I’ve never sold any of my pictures before, but in the end,  I thought “Why not?

I looked into having some prints made and soon discovered that canvas sizes don’t translate well into print sizes. The canvas the picture is on is 30×40 cm, and the nearest I could get to it, without spending an absolute fortune was 44×28.5 cm. Luckily with this painting, it only resulted in losing a slice of the sky from the top.

It took a couple of weeks for my prints to arrive, but they are here now and they are for sale for £7 plus p&p.


Contact me if you would like to order one.



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