His Whims by Lena Bourne


Introducing HIS WHIMS –  book one of a hot and steamy new billionaire alpha romance serial HIS FOREVER by Lena Bourne!

Book Title: His Whims (His Forever, Book One)
Author: Lena Bourne
Genre: Dark Romance, Alpha Billionaire Romance
Publisher: By the Pond Publishing
Publication Date: January 13, 2016

hiswhimscover1400widelowres Twenty-six-year-old journalist Nicole has struggled to get her dream job at one of the world’s leading newspapers, and she’s determined to keep it. But when the attractive, newly made billionaire banker Mark Cross suddenly reappears in her life, all that is threatened. He wants to claim her, body and soul, and Nicole has never wanted to submit more, yet to do so endangers everything she’s achieved.

Mark isn’t someone who takes no for an answer. He’s worked hard to become one of the most successful and richest players in town. Now he wants Nicole. Because he has loved her from afar for many years. And he won’t rest until she is his. Forever.

*A steamy and suspenseful alpha billionaire romance, perfect for fans of books by J.S. Scott, Cassie Cross, and Hannah Ford.*
Suitable for readers 18 years of age and older.



They shake hands, though Mark’s gaze lingers on me. Or, more accurately, on my cleavage.

They’re speaking, but I’m ignoring him so completely the words don’t even register. I can almost feel the air crackling from his annoyance at this. But he ignored all my calls, so I have nothing to say to him anymore.

“And how are you, Nicole?” he asks, and it takes my mind a few seconds to decipher the words.

“Have we met?” I shoot back, my own anger crackling now. He’s seriously gonna pretend he’s not been dodging my calls? Well, we’ll see about that.

His cocky grin is replaced by a look of dumb confusion. Serves him right.

“If you’ll excuse me,” I say and stand up. “I have to go freshen up.”

My legs are jelly over what just happened, so I don’t know how I get to the bathroom without falling. For the whole way, I can feel Mark’s gaze on me, piercing me like a thousand daggers.

But I’m done pining over him. Or wishing we could ever share something more than a troubled past.

The bathroom is huge, bigger than my whole apartment, and it’s stifling hot inside. Though maybe I only feel like that because I just saw Mark, the man I’ve been lusting over for the last three weeks. And I ignored him. Pretended I didn’t know him. What was I thinking?

I’m about to splash some cold water over my face, but remember my elaborate makeup just in time.

When I straighten up from bending over the sink, Mark’s standing right behind me, his eyes piercing me through the mirror.

“Didn’t recognize me back there, huh?” he growls more than says, and it’s enough to make my panties wet. Or maybe that’s because he’s leaning against me, his hard, muscular body pressed into my back. Even though I’m wearing stilettos, he towers over me.

The Author:


Lena Bourne writes stories about independent and smart women who mean everything to the strong men they love. If you’re looking for deep emotions, hot bedroom scenes, and some suspense thrown in, look no further than her books.

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