Christmas Card

Another quick and easy card I made this year is this one…


This card was heat embossed on parchment paper, with some peel-offs, glitter and pearls.

Using a clear embossing pen trace the pattern onto a piece of parchment. Cover with white embossing powder, turn the parchment over and tap the back to remove the excess powder.
Using a heat gun, apply the heat to the back of the parchment, directly below one area of powder until it changes then move your heat gun to the next area and so on, until all the powder has changed.
Cut around the edge of the pattern.

Cut a square of white paper the same size as the centre square of the parchment pattern and stick it onto the centre of a square of shiny card.
Stick the parchment onto the card, making sure the white square lines up with the pattern, then stick the whole thing onto a piece of folded white card.

Add a peel-off greeting, a star to the top of the tree and some presents, adding some glitter to the ribbon areas (if needed).
Stick some flat backed pearls on the tree and a larger pearl in each corner.



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