Cross-Stitch & Knits

I haven’t got a book post lined up for today, so I thought I’d share some of my ‘makes’.

Cross-stitch Afghan


I made this 5 years ago and finished just in time for the birth of my Grandson (he’s only a few days old in this picture)


The bears and rabbits in the four corners were from various cross-stitch patterns…


but the other cross-stitch pictures were my own designs.


Popcorn the Bear


Popcorn was knitted from a kit which included:

  • The knitting pattern, instructions and templates for paws, nose and heart
  • The yarn, eyes and a heart button for his ear
  • A fleece square, brown and white felt for paws and blanket
  • Brown and cream embroidery thread



The pattern for the scarecrow is by Jean Greenhowe and was knitted from odds and ends of wool. I have made a few of these for my children when they were young (not sure where they are now), but this is one I made for myself and is over 20 years old.

Mr Tumble


Mr Tumble was made a few years ago for my Grandson.  He was a big fan of Mr Tumble, but at that time I was unable to find a soft toy that wasn’t at a ridiculous price, so I made him one! A bit of trial and error, but I got there eventually.


2 thoughts on “Cross-Stitch & Knits

  1. This little story reminds me of my children’s series of book I wrote many years ago. I was inspired to write when my third son wanted a bike which we couldn’t afford. His nana, my mum, made him lots of knitted toys, so I wrote about each of those toys having a special individual magic. In the story all his friends with bikes were jealous of his special toys. I enjoyed writing those but so far haven’t published them. I’d forgotten about them until I saw this, so thank you for reminding me.

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