MPL: A Poem

Jen Winters is an Indie Author

One of my dearest friends on the internet is an author and has been having trouble recently. Being an author, especially an indie author, can be a hair-raising experience of self-doubt, pessimism, and despair. Marketing is a huge struggle for indies, but more than that, finding the right niche of readers to get you book read is difficult. I have host Ani Manjikian on my blog before, several time and I encouraged her to express herself and her frustrations and the poetry she wrote speaks to me and I suspect to many, many of my readers.

The Fake Smile

By Ani Manjikian

I am writer

Creator of worlds and characters

Lover of my craft

Hater of the BS that goes with it

Whine, bitch, complain

No! No! No!

That’ll send the wrong message

You must be in control

Show your strength and pride

Even as you wither and die inside

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