Birthday Cards (3)

Two birthdays this month, my son and one of my grandsons, so I made two quick and easy cards.

Card (1)


I designed and cut the HAPPY BIRTHDAY on my scan’n’cut, and also cut the separate letters for David.
I folded a piece of silver card in half and attached the cut-out then trimmed the silver card to fit around the Y.
I cut 2 rectangles, one from the silver card and a slightly bigger on from the spotted card, and rounded the corners on both.
I glued the smaller silver rectangle to the spotted one, stuck on the letters, and attached it to the bottom of the card so that the right-hand edge of the panel was level with right-hand edge of the Y. Two small metal-effect ‘studs’ were stuck to each side of the panel, along with a line of the same ‘studs’ down the edge of the D.

Card (2)


I cut five balloons from different coloured spotted paper and cut out the letters for HAPPY – one letter from each.
I also cut five balloons from silver paper and stuck these to the back of the coloured ones so the silver showed through the cut-outs.
I attached all the balloons to a panel of white card, then stuck that to a larger panel of striped card, then stuck the whole thing as stuck onto a folded piece of white card and added a peel-off ‘Birthday’ to the lower right hand side.
I put some money into a real balloon and attached it to the inside of the card.


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