Blog Hop for Karli Rush – 8th September

Karli Rush author and mom of 2 kids with health and disability issues just lost her Husband. We have started a Give Forward Fundraiser and we are doing a blog hop to help raise funds for the family. Please go see the give forward fundraiser and I hope to see you at the blog hop event. Also, The Go Fund Me is set up as Karli Rush Being the Funds Mgr., meaning ONLY SHE HAS ACCESS TO FUNDS.


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Let Your Heart Drive


I live in the shelter of darkness.

This darkness holds a secret over me… one that I have come to protect and in return it controls and holds me back.
It’s time to start fighting against it and break free. To become the unrestricted woman I yearn to be. For this to happen it will take a sixteen hundred mile road trip to let go of all that I fear and hopefully discover that the darkness doesn’t lurk everywhere. I stand on the edge overlooking a horizon of possibilities for the first time. Will I let my heart drive… to where it needs to be?

A unique romantic tale of one girl, one road, and a chance meeting with someone that will change everything in every way.

Disclaimer – This book is intended for mature audiences only.
Buy Let Your Heart Drive at:

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Karli Rush has been a “stay at home” Mom while her husband has been the Primary Income source. However, her husband passed away suddenly on August 13th. While Karli is an author she also has been caring for her two sons but her job as a Mom is more demanding than most. She Home-Schools her youngest Son, who is also Autistic and her oldest is on Dialysis while awaiting a Kidney transplant. She was recently removed from the list of possible donors due to her own health issues, which was, of course, heartbreaking news for her.  Regardless, she pushed forward keeping her family going. Her husband, however, was her rock, he was her everything aside from their sons. His unexpected and sudden passing has left her devastated and her youngest son very confused because he doesn’t understand why Daddy isn’t home. She is desperately trying to keep everything together.

Finally a word from Karli:

I am absolutely stunned with all the support.

Posted by Karli Rush on September 6th, 2015

I want to reach out today and tell everyone thank you so much for all your prayers and never-ending support. Recently, I had to tell our youngest son (who is autistic) that his father passed away. I have to say that was the most heartbreaking for me during this grieving process…

Deep down I knew somehow, some way he already knew in his heart daddy was gone. Each day is a small step forward and I just knew that gut-wrenching threshold was coming, but I was told it would help us both heal. The nights are a little better, but having my sons and others surround us with so much love makes this horrible expreince bearable. I can’t even begin to express how much your messages, calls and letters have helped me. Thank you, truly for every single thing each one of you have done for me and my family.

Much love and blessings,



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