Elijah the Bloody – Chapter One

Many thanks to Veronica Del Rosa for this story of Elijah the Bloody, which I have been reading and enjoying, and which is now on Chapter Eleven.

Veronica Del Rosa

Elijah is the main character for my upcoming book, Dawn’s Keeper.  This is a short story about him in the twelfth century, waaaaaay before he meets Dawn. Each Wednesday I’ll update with another chapter. I hope you enjoy.

Thick and cloying, the scent of blood wafted on the slight breeze, drenching the fragile fragrance of the flowers. Sunlight glinted off stained chainmail armour, and the damaged bodies within proved the inadequacies of the steel rings. Magical bolts seared through the metal, swords pierced any chinks and enraged slave demons tore them apart like they continued food.

Elijah closed his eyes for a moment, gripped the handle of his throwing axe and released it behind him in one continuous move. Decades of practice lent him speed and accuracy. A sickening thud told him he’d hit his mark.

He spun around to assess his target. Leather armour failed to protect the other man from…

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