A brief history.

When I started this blog I had loads of ideas and lots of things I wanted to say and do.
However, I have sat here time after time for the past few days and my mind has gone blank!


So I figure I’ll tell you a bit about myself, and my family….

My Dad joined the military straight from school and, following in his father footsteps, became a soldier in the Royal Engineers.

My Mum lived with her parents in ‘The Lamb and Flag’, in Ripon.

They met when my Dad was based at the camp in Ripon, and  were married in Ripon Cathedral in March ’62.


Shortly after he was transferred to Aldershot, where my sister was born in March ’63 and I followed along in Feb ’64.

That makes me an ‘Army Brat’, and  51 years young.

I have lived in many houses, in many towns, but all in the UK. I don’t remember living in Aldershot, Winterslow or Middle Wallop. The first place I vaguely remember living is Tidworth, and it was there that I went to ‘Kindergarten’, and started infants school. I was still in infant school when we moved to Radcliffe.


We moved to Brighouse when my parents left army quarters and bought their own house. I went to Junior School and then to Grammer School in Brighouse, then did my last year of senior school in Brentford. I left school in ’80, with o’ levels in maths, english, english lit., french and art. I moved back to Brighouse and started working for the Yorkshire Water Authority.

I married in ’81 and lived in Illingworth for the following 8 years, albeit in 3 different houses. My eldest daughter was born in October ’81, and I was separated from her dad just before her first birthday!! My eldest son was born in May ’83, and my divorce was finalised in ’84.


I had two more children, a son in ’87 and a daughter in ’89. I moved to Morecambe in ’89, shortly before their dad and I also went our separate ways.

I met Brian, a born and bred Lancastrian, in Morecambe in ’89, we were married in ’90 and moved to Bolton le Sands in ’91.


24 years later we are still living in the same flat and Brian and I will be celebrating our silver wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks time.



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